Happy Birthday to my Dear Friend Dhemz

T oday is the birthday of a dear friend of mine. I've been looking forward to this day to greet you a Happy Birthday Dhemz, your sweet novel messages always put a smile on my face every time I read it. Granted that we've yet to see each other but your amiability has taught me the genuine meaning of friendship.

And I am confident that I could call you a real friend of mine through thick and thin, honestly I am not the friendliest person on earth and I don't easily mingle with other people but with your support and understanding from all the roller coaster of my life, you stood behind me and I really appreciate that from the bottom of my heart.

Though I may not vocally demonstrate how grateful I was to all my loyal friends, that include you but deep down inside me screaming how I did appreciate all the moral support and comfort you've endowed to me.

I have actually looked at you as a knowledgeable person, to the point who is very sincere because you don't beat around the bush. I feel so lucky to have a friend like you because you allow me to express myself and correct me when I did wrong.

Just bear in mind regardless how old you become, the knowledge you've acquired will forever be young and rejuvenating in the minds of young and old alike. I just wish that your birthday be filled with promises and to your new path of being a student will be a success.

I'm pretty sure our friendship will be around forever and will blossom more better over the years to come though our friendship is only a year old, much have been done.

You deserve to enjoy your achievements of what the year past has brought, and I will be right here to witness many birthdays of you to come.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Dhemcy Dias.


niko said...

whoa this is very sweet of you mare ko! :) am sure dhemz is very happy today! :) she deserves it :)

on the 5 blogs mare, i have lots of projects soon and i will use my blogging money to support them :D i hardly sleep na nga thinking on how to make big in monetizing my blogs :) naka line up na mga projects ko eh and am super shy na to ask for donations noh :D am praying for more opps na lang :) after 3 months i will be applying the 2 new blogs to review sites am crossing my fingers na maapprove at sana makaya ko pa :)

dpat kayanin ko diba?? this is my only means nmn to share some of my blogging blessings :)

thanks for ur comment mare ko! miss u lots! mwah mwah

Dhemz said...

huhuhuhu.....this is too sweet...so loving, so thoughtful, so so so...my gosh sistah....am so touch! pwede na pigaan akong shirt dire....grabi man kau ka emotional ning imong post sistah....I don't even know how to say thank you.

I feel like I don't deserve all these words....me too sistah, I am very lucky to have found a genuine friendship in you...d plastic...and that's one of the things I like about you.

Your always in my thoughts bisan bihira na mag cross ang landas natin sa blog land....I know how busy you are...but still you were able to post something like this na nakakatouch talaga for me.

No matter what happen sistah....I am always right here for you to back you up....I love you! Thanks for being a real friend...and thanks for making me feel special! mwah.....:) thanks also for making me cry.....:)

Cecile said...

hello, dear, am here again to say HI :-); hope you are doing fine.

here also to greet our friend, Dhemz a very Happy Birthday!

David Funk said...

Hey Umma, this is a very impressive post for an equally impressive and awesome friend for her birthday.

I have to give credit where it is due. This is one very heartfelt post for Dhemz.

Thanks for sharing!

amiable amy said...

Hmmmm...kahilak man sad ta ani nga mensahe oyy...tinood jud naa Umma girl, masaligan jud naa si Dhemz. Because of that "roller coaster" event, we made a pack na noon, if ma happen sa akoa, sultian jud ko nya para dili ko magmata ug buntag.

Anyway, I came here to greet her a Happy Birthday too. She is so sweet and so thoughtful. Hay, kalami unta magkita ta noh? Ay maulaw diay ko ninyo kay mga donya man mo hehehe...

Bitaw, i wish her more birthdays to come and friends like you to cherish forever.

Love you both as always.