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H aven't you tried playing X-Play games from G4 yet, it's actually a divine abode for gamers who love to play video games. What I like about X-play is the mere fact that you can find all the reviews from all kind of games that give you an idea which one is better. These reviews are created by professional gamers who tried out one particular game at the same time putting their insights. These reviews serve as a convenient guide to lead you in the right games that you will surely enjoy.

Aside from that, you will have the entire control on World Premiere hands-on demo, must have cheats and exclusive behind the scenes footage. Which means that you will get the foremost viewing for the games that soon to be release. I found the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (DS) as an interesting game since I did watch the movie.

The GI Joe video game is derived from its original film of the same title. The infamous Cobra has lofted a campaign to rule the world. The actions on this game are endless, as you can pick a squad from a list of 16 characters, each one of them has a particular weapons and skills.

So get ready with some of the awesome gadgets and vehicles to GI Joe universe has to offer and conquest the evils in over 20 levels, you can team up with a friend or play it by yourself to keep the excitement going. So if you are one gamer who loves video games, you should try the X-Play right away and don't miss the chance to get plugged in the best source for everything gaming.


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