GM: Chevy Volt Gets 230 MPG

I am confused if there is a validity about the new GM Chevrolet Volt that was being reported to snag a mind blowing 230 MPG rating in the city. Which means, if we wish to drive our way from LA to Vegas, we only need to use up one gallon of gas that will cost us $3, that's a lot of savings. If there is a truth about this triple digit MPG rating, finally America will be liberated from the Middle East country .

GM: Chevy Volt Gets 230 MPGI like the concept of driving an electric car but I am worry what will happen when its time to replace the batteries as these car batteries are surely made with some kind of corrosive materials. How will be the process of disposal for the car batteries be going, which bring to mind the last time we actually ceased using paper bags at the grocery and instead use plastic bags to save trees. So what is the unintentional repercussion of battery powered cars then?

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