Perseid Meteor Shower August 2009

meteor shower tonight-perseid meteor shower
A re you excited to watch the spectacular Perseids Meteor Shower later tonight? Make sure to get ready with your high tech camera as the meteor can be spotted in the eastern part of North America on 12th of August Wednesday. The meteor peak will takes place around 1:00 am EST and the other peak should be around 5:30 am EST.

The Perseid Meteor Shower is also being labeled as the "Tears of St. Lawrence" for the reason that it took place the same particular date with St. Lawrence's death on 10th of August.

If you want to witness this astonishing occurrence, you need to look toward the blackish part of the sky early in the morning EST time zones. It is estimated that the Perseid Meteors will dapple across the sky in double peak this year, so keep your head up to the outer space and have a blast watching the meteor.

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