Get a Universal Remote Control to Organize Clutter

I am so exasperated of having myriad of remote controls at home which I believe is very typical for every household. Isn't it annoying to have multiple remotes for TV, VCR, Cable, DVD, Stereo, Blu-Ray, Wii, PS2 and PS3 scattered in the coffee table in front of you. Too often, I wonder what remote I need to use when turning on the TV because of my confusion in tracking down the right remote control.

So I was certain to do something about it and I've learned that there is actually a universal remote control to reduce complexity of our entertainment system. This is the main purpose why an innovative Yamaha neoHD was been created, this is a new tool that eliminates the clutter cause by overwhelming number of remote controls you have at home.

Universal Remote Control- Organize clutter
Well, at last there is a sleek universal function remote control available that can operate any device like stereo, CD player, VCR, TV, DVD etc. I was expecting that this new device is quite challenging to use and has too many buttons but I was wrong because it amazed me how user friendly the remote is.

The remote is well designed and the brief get started book is a cinch and comprehensible which made our lives more easier, something that we never thought about. Either way, if you wish to learn further how the remote works, you can try visiting their website and get the comprehensive information you need.

Surely, the remote will cost you a little bit, but you will have a chance to get it for free if you will join Yamaha neoHD Sweepstakes .
Here are the mechanics on how to win your own neoHD:

- First off, you need to have a Tweeter account so you can start Tweeting these words “I just entered to win a #neoHD because I have too many remotes and visit (blog.izea.com) to enter”

- Or you can visit the blog.izea.com and write a comment on why you wish to have a new neoHD

It's so easy, isnt it? For further specifics, you can try checking out neoHD on Facebook.


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