Affordable Hotel deals at Maine

Affordable Hotel deals at Maine
W e always enjoy a carefree vacation particularly during summer and among the states that we are planning to explore next year is Boothbay Harbor Maine. This is actually my hubby's idea to put this place on our top list after his friend's family had spent a summer vacation at Boothbay Harbor.

Maine is widely known for its panoramic view with its rocky coastline, rolling mountains and of course the seafood cuisine. We all love to dine out particularly lobsters and crabs and this place has a lot to offer especially the famous marine restaurant called Brown’s Wharf Inn where you can fish off the docks, watch live lobsters in their home environment.

The Boothbay Harbor Inn is a relaxing place just in time to witness the leaves change into their autumn colors while enjoying the scenic view stippled with fishing boats and crafts. Cant wait to step my feet off the ground at Maine soon.

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