Sam Bradford of Oklahoma / Out for Injury

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D o you think the dream of Sam Bradford, quarterback for Oklahoma is being shattered? Sam Bradford was injured during the first half game with BYU on Sept 5, 2009 as he was hit hard by Coleby Clawson. Sam Bradford did not return afterward.

His team went on with freshman quarterback Landry Jones but was very unfortunate when the other team touchdown in last three minutes. With having major injury to the team, Oklahoma will have hard time getting the championship. According to the reports, Bradford had a “sprain of the AC joint.”

Bradford had bright future and has many records broken including his own school record. Now that Sam is out for weeks, it’s really hard to tell how Oklahoma will do for remaining season.
AC Joint usually happens during hard falls to shoulder. Depending how severe can be described by simply mild stretch of ligament to partially tearing.

Normally mild injury can take about 3 weeks to heal while for severe cases,it needs surgery. It is not sure how severe Bradford’s injury but hoping that Bradford will return to the ballgame in no time.

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