Baby Proofing Basics Made Easy For Every Parent

B eing a new parents, we were aware that it is essential to protect the welfare of our baby now a toddler, so we created a safe environment for him by child proofing our home as it is a great way to keep our baby safe from harm.

The basic in creating a safer home for our baby is to be cognizant with any prevention in any worst case scenario. Certainly there is no chance to predict and avoid every accident in our child's life but baby proofing our home can greatly reduce the risk of serious injury.

To start with, we tried to look what are the general things that have potential dangers like examining each room, kitchen and stairs along with choking hazards and electricity. Surely, we understand that there are plenty of proofing tasks that require to be done for every room.

So we started purchasing the child safety gates to make sure our toddler is safe for exploration and curiosity. We feel at ease in installing baby gates and pet gates as well as the extra wide baby gates that are perfectly fitted across the entrance way to rooms particularly into the doorway of our home office.

We did re-organized our household storage for medicines and stored them in a cupboard higher enough to be out of reach from my toddler. We made sure that all tiny and seemingly harmless objects such as coins, candy, pen lids or small toys are securely locked in its proper place away from the little fingers.

As our baby becomes more mobile, being thorough in every baby proofing techniques is one important factor in our home. But surely no home is entirely child proof but as long as you entrusted yourself to be more watchful and flexible, your attempts to an accident free environment is well worth it.

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