Watch TruTV with caution

W atching truTV show is truly amazing. There are times I would shriek or close my eyes because of what is going next to happen. It is understandable I guess because everyone has their own sensitivity, my normal reaction would be turning my head to other side or have my eye half closed with my teeth tight. I love watching truTV because they are not only showing the painful accidents but sometimes they feature those amazing clips that are not accident related in other words, at least nobody got hurt.

The Smoking Gun clip is probably the most explicit image showing close up details and not appropriate for children. If the images were from the distance without the close up, then it would be okay to view it. However the images on the Smoking Gun clip are so graphical being shown in slow motion on how human body being twisted caused by sudden impact. At first I didn’t know what was going on with the clip, thought it was just normal dirt bike accident but watching the slow motion, that was a big ouch! The body twisting was too much to show on TV.

Some of the scene in truTV are little more graphical for viewers and need to be cautioned for those weak hearted. Someone breaking their arms or legs in slow motion is something I cannot watch besides it's a real video without being edited. For the reason that the videos are real, there is definitely more feelings while watching it.

You can check out this truTV video and get the excitement and fun of a real life TV show.

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