Charter Sweepstakes Free 2010 Camaro 2SS

Another popular campaign from Charter Communications right now as you'll have the opportunity to enter the Camaro Sweepstakes and get the chance to win a 2010 Camaro 2SS (sales tax inclusive). This is the most elusive car in the US with a 426 hp and you will get it for FREE from Charter.


Charter is very generous in giving away lot of prizes, I remember the last time they were giving away laptops for 2 months in daily basis and now they have switched to a much grander prize which is the Camaro 2SS.

The Charter contest was initiated since 15th of September and will end on the 26th of November , so you still have one month of time to join if Charter is available in your area. Moreover, aside from the grand prize, you can get a gift card worth $100 when you buy 3 Charter services, $50 gift card for 2 services, and $25 gift card when you buy 1 Charter service which come from major retailers in home, clothing restaurants and department stores.

Surely, Charter is serious to outpace the industry in unwrapping interesting contests from giving away HDTV to Xbox 360 and Hybrid Car. So don't miss any updates from Charter on Facebook and make sure to follow Charter on Twitter.

Go ahead and visit the charter.com/camaro to register your name and learn further the mechanics of this contest.


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