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Christine Paolilla

Why would Christine Paolila killed her friends?

In July 18th, 2003 four young people murdered with multiple shots. Two of the victims were Christine Paolila’s best friends. It has been mystery for years that would have done gruesome murders and police got final break after 3 years later when someone called gave the name of two people, Christine and Chris Snider. Christine was arrested right after and was charged with murder while her boyfriend Chris committed suicide when he found out police were chasing him. The question still lies why would Christine killed her best friends?

Many believed that Christine’s harsh life style during childhood was the main cause. When she was only 2 years old, her father never came home after being killed by bricks on the construction site in New York City. Her grandpa and great-grandmother also passed away few months later.

Christine was living with question like “Mommy, I don’t understand…why is it that people I love go away?” After Christine’s father passed away, her mother was addicted to drugs to relieve from her pains and loss of her husband. At age 7, Paolila went to live with her grandparents. During her kindergarten year, she was diagnosed with hair-loss condition called alopecia. With the wig and thick eyeglasses, Christine’s childhood’s life wasn’t normal.

It wasn’t until High School, Christine felt normal when she met two popular girls Tiffany and Rachael. Both of her friends treated her like a best friend. With them, Christine was comfortable without wearing a wig. Another offset of having two best friends, Christine had a boyfriend, Snider, in which her parent didn’t approve. He had body piercing, spike hair and known to use drugs and was concerned for Christine’s parent.

With unknown murder in 2003, a video tape of interrogation on 2006 revealed that Christine was forced to shoot her friends by her boyfriend. Christine also mentioned that her friend beaten up Rachel to death and threatened Christine to do the same thing if she told police.

However, there were different story told by Rott, who later married to Christine. He told police that it was Christine who beaten up Rachel with a gun and she did join when her boyfriend started shooting. In Sept 2008, Christine was convicted life in prison in women’s penitentiary in Texas.

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