Joshua Bernard Death Photo / AP Photo of a Dying Marine

Lance cpl. Joshua m. Bernard / Joshua Bernard Death Photo / Associated Press / AP Photo of a Dying Marine

AP Photo of a Dying Marine
Joshua Bernard Death Photo
I looked at these pictures with tears flowing on my eyes as the pictures are truly painful to look at, tragedy is felt and I'm aware what war is all about, it is death.

I feel grateful for this young man in sacrificing himself for the love of our country, and my heartfelt thanks to the parents of Lance Cpl. Joshua Bernard for rearing such a brave son. These photos serve as a reminder for us about the reality of war which has been there for so long and with its duration comes the insensitivity. We quickly forget the reality of war and how fast it slipped into our thoughts how these young men and women sacrifice for their lives.

Many Americans opted to conceal the true cost of war but publishing these kind of photos remind us that we can’t turn a blind eye to what’s happening on the other side of the world.

May God Bless our Men and Women in uniform who valiantly serve us proudly.

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Green Ebooks Directory said...

In war stories only the political viewpoints and the winning counterpart's success discussed but people such as Cpl. Joshua Bernard are forgotten.