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Raymond Clark iii facebookF ollowing the discovery of Annie Le's body, the main suspect of her murder case was arrested this morning at the Connecticut Super 8 motel where he temporarily sojourned.

The Lab Technician at Yale was the subject of interest after he was linked to the murder of Annie Le and has been implicated through the bits of evidence found in the crime scene. However, when Raymund Clark was arrested for questioning, authorities found some defensive wounds on him, the type that can be obtained when being fought off during an attack.

It was further indicated that the swipe key records as well as the video surveillance were pointing to Clark and Le who were working at the same vicinity shortly after 10 am, which was the time Annie Le was last seen on the video camera and she never seen coming out from the building.

Though the victim wasn't sexually assaulted, the cause of her death was strangulation and her murder was declared to be an instance of workplace violence. Raymund Clark will be facing charges and set on a $3 million bail bond.

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