Win a brand new LG Bliss phone

A nother great campaign from LG wherein they offer facebook members to discover their blissfulness by joining the contest and get the chance to win a new LG Bliss phone. The mechanics of the contest are pretty much simple, all you have to do is to post a video or any ugly picture on their LG Bliss Facebook Fan Page and you can enter to win one brand new LG Bliss phone.

Plus $50 worth of gift card will be given away to 50 lucky winners being picked up . However, the contest will run till 6th of November 2009 so you still have ample time to find the ugliest picture you can ever imagine and upload it on your Facebook page.

You need to be of legal age to be qualified to enter this contest and one facebook account for one entry is allowable. Moreover, make sure to avoid uploading videos or images with ugly demeanor like immorality or obscenity as they are considered ineligible while pictures of people are not accepted.
LG Bliss phone
Don't forget to browse the Gallery of the Utterly Ugly where you can find people's ugly leave-behind such the like of Mutant Machines, Ugly Wonders of nature, Trashy Trends and Ugly mobiles to name a few. So if you are interested to win a new LG Bliss phone, feel free to post any ugly images or videos at www.Facebook.com/LGBliss, who knows you may be the lucky winner.


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