Carrie Prejean Sex Tape Triggered Settlement

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Carrie Prejean Tape
The previous Miss California, Carrie Prejean who became infamous after she was stripped off of her crown following a disgraceful gossip has finally dismissed her case versus the pageant officials.

Both parties have officially withdrawn their lawsuits and wish each other the best in the future. However, Carrie Prejean didn’t get any money aside from lawyer’s fee.

As reported, the reason why Carrie agreed to resolve the case is because the pageant officials were supposed to release a tape of her getting sexual gratification through self-stimulation or masturbating. Perhaps, Ms Prejean doesn’t want to be entangled once again from public scrutiny.

But on the brighter side, Carrie can keep the money that was given to her to get breast implants and aside from that, she has her own book to be soon hitting the newsstands.

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