Sploshing Parties

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Sploshing, a recent and unusual sort of food serving is commonly called WAM. It stands for Wet and Messy fetish. Like a form of sexual desire in which gratification depends to an abnormal degree on parts of the body.

Sploshing, a sexual arousal behavior is carried out to stimulate desirability in spectators wherein people apply wet and mussy food stuff over bare skin. WAM essence in sploshing may contain whipped cream, custard, chocolate and many more. Until this day, many of us were uneducated with the word ‘Sploshing’ and ‘WAM’ as they seem to be slang and kind out-of-this-world phrases.

Sploshing parties

However, one program called ‘Attack of the Show” has aired some video with regard to “Sploshing” parties through which people are displayed devouring and striking pies on each other. And last night, the hit series CSI NY aired new episode with a title of "It happened to Me" that featured about Sploshing parties. Optimistically, the episode would be more beneficial in creating awareness that can make bunch of people totally comprehend the idea of WAM and Sploshing.

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