Alan Belcher Tattoo

alan belcher tattoo
Alan Belcher Tattoo - The controversial tattoo of Alan Belcher is rearing too many queries in the period following his split decision defeat to Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC 100. The tats in his arm seemed to look like distorted face of Johnny Cash that's why it raised too many eyebrows from numerous fans.

I believe his tattoo was been there since he was young and between strength training, he developed more muscles in his arms that caused the face of Johnny Cash to appear a bit uneven. I guess that's the reason why it piqued a lot of interests and people are googling about Alan Belcher's tattoo.

Anyway, the question is, why he has a Johnny Cash tattoo in his arm? Well, perhaps he is a big fan of Johnny, so he decided to ink his face on his arm, don't you agree?

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