PBM Products win Legal Victory against Mead Johnson

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I understand that breast milk is the most nutritious food you can give to your baby at an early age. However, in spite the fact that lot of experts advised that breast milk is the ideal choice for giving nutrients to infants, yet for some reasons breastfeeding may not be happening for all women.

However, in behalf of countless moms, to decide whether to use formula or breast milk is derived according to their physical well being, the way of life and particular medical conditions that they possibly suffer.

Majority of babies doesn't require to have formula milk as well as breast milk to add as a supplement. However, a great number of women are experiencing difficulties with breastfeeding or pumping the breast milk. Therefore, feeding their infants with a milk formula might be the sole alternative.

Personally, I had experienced some problem while breastfeeding with my baby, so we decided to use the formula as a supplement. Though each one of us has their individual reason in selecting one particular brand over the other, we choose store brand infant formula and our top pick was the PBM Products because they are budget friendly that allows you to save more money, plus they contain the same nutrients you can get when you compare to other brand name formulas.

However, we heard about the deceptive campaign by Mead Johnson claiming that the PBM products were less nutritious compare to Infamil Lipil Infant formula, which prompted the PBM company to file a lawsuit against the giant competitor this year.

Mead Johnson's claim was concentrated particularly on direct mailing to millions of users that highlighted a fuzzy image of a cartoon duck following to an evident photograph of identical picture, implying that different milk formulas provide substandard ingredients that might give consequence in bad eye and brain growth for infants. This occurrence had actually cost a lot of parents an extra hundred of dollars of formula purchases for a period of one year.

At least, the truth came out and the jury ruled out and rejected the false claim of Mead Johnson against the PBM products. It was indeed a great sigh of relief and PBM was given $13.5 million in indemnity by the panel of jury which is considered as one of the biggest damages awards allowed for a deceitful ad campaign case.

Actually, this is the 3rd time PBM has ended triumphant against Mead Johnson, with the initial case filed in the year 2001 and 2002 notwithstanding with the fact that the initial case was particularly focused on the Lipil ingredients and being resolved by a jury's verdict.

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