Anand Jon Convicted / Anand Jon Alexander Case

Anand Jon
I guess Anand Jon, the fallen fashion designer who made a name of his own in the runway had no idea that the orange jumpsuit and cuffs will be his sole accessories in a lifetime.

Prior to the formal charges of disrobing young women privately, Anand Jon was enjoying the lifestyle of the NY fashion landscape. The 35 year old Indian native fashion designer is sporting a long dark curls, oozed with sex appeal and was on the highest point of his career to make it big.

He received his Academic degree at the Parsons School of Design and was firm to create his own brand as a gumptious fashion designer. In his portfolio, are full of accreditation bearing the practical experience he gained from working with Donna Karan and rubbing elbows with the famous designer such the like of the late Gianni Versace and oftentimes, surrounded with his style-mark group of young women.

Jon used to doll up celebrities like Paris Hilton, Lydia Hearst and frequently encircled himself with famous movie personalities. This is his approach to make himself visible to the fashion scenes and be noticed by lot of celebrities so they would be able to wear his designs.

But things turned out to be opposite as what Anand Jon was expected as he was sentenced to 59 years in prison this year for the 14 count of charges against him.

You can watch the entire story of Anand Jon as he was featured on a special edition of 20/20 this Friday 9 pm on ABC.

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