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I never experienced the feeling in winning an auction online and to what degree, I will be able to move further so I could get some stuffs that would pique my curiosity.

My husband used to get some great deals online and told me how he loves the feeling of bidding something and become victorious over getting the item that he bids for auction. He enjoys scouring the Web for great deals, and he is fascinated with the newly launched site called Bidazzled.com.

The site was been set afloat last month of November and on its way to give a new or different definition on how the online auction market should be. You can easily save up to 90% on brand-name merchandise at the same time adding your support to fund a charity.

It is generally dubbed as Penny Auctions or Pay-per-Bid auction sites, bids are prepayment and after wards, can be used to bid on items or products. Once you placed your bid, the price increases a couple of cents while resetting extra seconds of time are to yield others an opportunity to bid as well. After that, the auction closes when nobody bids therefore, if you bid for a new portable computer for only a dollar and nobody places a bid on it, you could win that item for the original amount that you've bid.

So if you are the auction winner on this site, you typically save over 80% off the selling price of the product. However, one good thing about Bidazzled, you will receive up to 50 bonus bids as an expression of gratitude for your participation even though you don't win the bidding. In the event that you win the auction, Bidazzled normally lays down an offer to purchase the item back using cash through PayPal or check, cash and bids or simply by bidding.

Bidazzled is definitely the friendliest and the most honest of the amusement auction sites, so hop in and have a chance to get a 20 free bids instantly once you signed up for a registration now.

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