Tapeworm Diet that Cause Rapid Weight Loss

Tapeworm Diet
Tapeworm Diet - Today I just learned something that concern about the "Tapeworm Diet" for the first time and am amazed that anybody could think about consuming a tapeworm as a means to get rid of unwanted fat.

A tapeworm is normally an issue for individuals (not an answer) , particularly to those residing in impoverished places around the globe who cannot find the money for medication to treat themselves once getting contaminated.

Tapeworm problems in mankind incorporate losing weight, and quite possible stomach discomfort, looseness of the bowels, and anemia. In some instances, additional health issues change over time. Hear the expert in the video clip below that thought how the tapeworm diet is harmless.

However, I personally believe somebody must be crazy to consume a tapeworm in an effort to get rid of excess fat.


Hazelicious929 said...

oh my God! that would be an insane diet hahaha.

chubskulit said...

The Cottrill's wants to wish you a prosperous New Year!

niko said...

that's gross mare ko.. iwwwwwww naman sino naman nagpauso ng tapeworm diet n yan.. kaht forever na kong mataba kesa payat na may tapeworm sa tyan :D hihih

musta ka?? miss u mare.. got ur paypal na ha.. thanks a lot. musta new year jan? dito super ingay na sa labas.. 9pm p lang ha.. haaayz.

ingat lagi mare ko.. happy new year!! mwha mwah

Seiko said...

I can't relate on this kind of diet hehe.Scary...
Btw,thank you so much for the greetings & for keepin' in touch w/ me again.You made my year complete Umma & 'm so glad to hear from you again.Happy happy New Year to you my dear.May this friendships of ours endure not only for this year 2010 but through all the years too.I did missed you talaga.Hope you have a wonderful New Year ahead.God Bless my dear!Happy happy New Year!Hugs!:D