PBM Products win the Battle Against False Advertising

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PBM Products
I believe all moms understand the essential of feeding their newborn with breast milk. However for some reason, a lot of moms are not endowed with sufficient breast milk to fulfill their baby's needs since breast milk is formed according to the general condition of body and mind. As a result, numerous moms are opting to choose formula milk instead of breastfeeding.

From my experience, I had a hard time in breastfeeding my baby since the breast milk was insufficient to sustain his daily needs, therefore we decided to use infant formula for added supplement. Since everybody has its own preference to what specific brand to use, we opted for the PBM Products as they are easy in the pocket plus the fact that they share similar ingredient equivalence to the brand name formulas available in the market.

Anyhow, we were aware about the misleading campaign by Mead Johnson against PBM products alleging that the latter were produced with inferior quality in providing nourishment compare to the Infamil Lipil Infant formula. This event had cost some parents hundreds of dollars extra in one year of formula purchases. The deceptive campaign instigated the PBM company to lodge a formal charge against their rival counterpart.

Finally, the truth prevails as the panels of the jury precluded and ruled out the deceitful advertising of Mead Johnson versus the PBM products that cost the company a whopping $ 13.5 million of indemnity granted to PBM company. The reported amount of compensation was considered as the largest damage's award permitted for this type of case.

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