BMW X3 series - My next new Car

I guess I've been driving my SUV car for almost 4 years now, and it never gives me any headache or leaves me stranded on the road.

Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with big cars, though they give me comfort while driving, but they can be gas guzzler cars.

Nevertheless, since gas prices are just unbelievably skyrocketing these days that made the car industries suffered a whiplash for the past years, me and hubby were contemplating to get me a new sedan or fuel efficient car instead to say the least. Though we don't have plans to ditch or trade my existing car, since we'll need it as well to be alternate, whenever we go for a long drive.

So lately we have been occupied in checking for the bmw x3 price and after a test drive, I can say that this car is the most handsome luxury compact crossover. Since we need to be smart before getting a bigger purchase like cars, we also have to double verify some other models available in the market.

A close friend has recommended to consider the Saab price or perhaps try to test drive the Nissan Armada, so we will be able to compare the feel of each car prior to our purchase.

Indeed, we ended up being interested checking out the Hyundai azera price because of its affordability. Yet, we managed to compare the Nissan Armada price to all the cars that we've checked, and we made a decision to get the beemer conclusively. For sure, I will miss driving my old SUV, but I will be using it when we drive going to Vegas early next month.

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