Colocation Services and Dedicated Server Hosting

I've been considering in creating more websites very soon even though I currently have a number of sites launched and established. On the other hand, I am contemplating to obtain a reliable colocation services to further improve bandwidth of my servers while safe-guarding and taking care of data from breakdowns as well as breaches 24/7.

Keeping that in mind, finding a Managed Hosting Solutions will certainly proactively manage my system therefore I no longer need to bother about setting up backups, keeping track of the servers, or even updating patches. Which in turn I could have the freedom to concentrate more on my existing sites.

But lately, I was seeing numerous reports from Wordpress sites getting compromised. There are a great number of sites which were being hacked or infected maybe because of the shared hosts. Therefore, I believe in acquiring a dedicated server hosting will spare you from being attack against bug or stolen password.

I guess a lot of Malware seems to target Wordpress recently but for sure, its not definitely a WP thing or maybe completely circumstantial. Generally, any kind of hosting service that is shared is completely susceptible because of the PHP works as the same users utilize for many accounts.

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