Another New Car for Summer

VW Jetta
Okay, so summertime is here and my cousin happens to be overly anxious to fill up his hooptie to the headliner ready to strike the outdoors freeway. I could just imagine the mixture of high temperature, lengthy trips as well as weighty loads can easily put tremendous demands against his clunker.

Therefore, I advised him before he decide to pull that car out from his garage, he should take a look at the various car models available right now. He keeps on delaying in purchasing the new Volkswagen eos that he loves due to his hectic schedule.

But this time, I was able to convince him to spare some time and off we went to the the neighborhood car dealer and check out the Cadillac dts I have seen in TV commercial. Actually, this car looks cool and cozy and I can't wait to get my hands on the wheel for a test drive. At first, he was eyeballing the GMC canyon because he was interested in getting himself a mid-size pick up truck but he changed his mind after he saw the VW Jetta which is a compact sedan and looks sporty yet affordable.

Upon further consideration, he decided to take this car instead and relinquish his first love, the Volkwagen EOS. The VW Jetta has a unique European driving feel, with upright design, sporty not to mention that it is spacious plus it offers a better performance compare to other sedans.

So we got a winner and he was overly excited to get his new ride and show off to this friends at work.

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D said...

hello sistah..musta naman ka woi? hope all is well...been a long time I haven't heard from yah...ehehehe!

musta ang inyong celebration gahapon? am sure bongga ang father's day celebration ninyo....

we just got back from Vegas...sige sistah kay I have tons of chores to do pa....au-au....miss yah...mwah!