Visiting Paul Bunyan Land in Minnesota

Recently I took my family to visit Paul Bunyan Land in Brainerd, Minnesota. I chose this destination because I remember visiting this attraction as a child. Even though some things had changed since I had been there last, it was still a great day trip that we will remember fondly. Before I left for our day trip, I made sure to set our home security alarm in our house. I didn't want our memories of the trip to be overshadowed by a crisis at home.

When we entered Paul Bunyan Land, we were asked by the employees what the names of our children were. This was because they have a person speaking as the voice of the large Paul Bunyan statue. I really liked seeing my children's reaction to the huge statue speaking to them.

Paul Bunyan Land has activities for all age groups. It is a smaller theme park, so I felt comfortable letting my older children go on rides by themselves while I made sure my youngest was able to ride on attractions that were more age-appropriate for her at that time. My favorite rides were the Tilt-O-Whirl and the roller coaster. The roller coaster is not large but is fast and bumpy. My preschooler was able to go on the roller coaster, and she loved it.

Blog post written by Phillip Yocum

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