Comic book finds

Coordinating what I’ll buy my grandson for Christmas takes a lot of planning, so I normally start asking him what he wants around this time of the year. He loves comic books, but he likes vintage and discontinued ones that take lots of hunting to track down.

One would think that it would be easier to track one down if we lived in the same state, but with me in Colorado and he in Iowa, we cover twice the ground. I use my wildblue CO to e-mail back and forth with him about possible leads about area comic book stores and he’ll respond back to me with his satalite internet iowa.

Sometimes we can easily buy some directly off the internet, but of course, that’s not the case most of the time. There have been times when I’ve driven an hour or two on an afternoon to go and see if a store has a certain comic book.

It’s so satisfying to surprise him when I find an especially rare copy. A lot of grandmas would be happy to just give their grandson the money to buy a comic, but I love to shop, even if it’s not for me.

Guest post written by Lou Roten

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