Your Car as a Status Symbol

We live in Los Angeles, and I could say that it is undoubtedly a car town yet it's actually convenient to find a great and affordable used car, since there are plenty of folks that purchase or lease new ones on a yearly basis.

I am constantly taken aback at what exactly my pals tend to be driving around. My colleague who used to drive the new Dodge charger sold his train to purchase another Acura TL because he wanted a small yet powerful or compact V-6s.

Living in LA, I have not witnessed many people cruising around in automobiles that they obviously won't be able to pay for. You can see the waitress in a restaurant or pub bound out following her scheduled work period and jump right into an Infiniti ex35 or perhaps one of my favorite cars, the Mercedes-Benz e-class and it's like, What? Evidently, Los Angeles should become a city for the maximum lease rate at any time.

I guess, it's all about the class, many people believe when you are driving a good expensive car, it displays your own character or persona. They are likely willing to spend a little more to remain that status symbol they perceived.

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