The Event: Can't Wait For this New Thriller

The fall lineup seems to be heavy on excitement this year, but for me nothing makes me want to grab the popcorn and tune my satellite tv from TV By Direct to NBC more than "The Event".

Supposing that America was going to need some twisted thrills in the wake of the loss of Lost, "The Event" is about one ordinary man named Sean Walker (played by my favorite, Jason Ritter) and how his investigation of his girlfriend's disappearance leads him into a conspiracy going right up to the biggest spots in the government. Blair Underwood stars as the newly elected President while Sarah Roemmer plays the long-lost girlfriend.

What I'm most looking forward to, though, is the writing. The plot of the show and the unfolding twists and turns have been kept a tightly kept secret, and this ad campaign NBC keeps showing where they only reveal bits and pieces of the plot really makes me want to learn more.

Jeffery Reiner, one of the executive producers, also did some work on Friday Night Lights, which is a fantastic show, so the pedigree "The Event" is coming with gives me a lot of hope. Hopefully, though, it won't disappoint. I'm not expecting it to be the next Lost, since nothing ever will be, but I do see it becoming a good part of my Monday night tv routine.

Guest post from: Natalie Walter

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