Our Romantic Fishing Weekend

The weekend is almost here! It is about time to head down to the lake for some romantic night fishing on the new bass boat. My husband and I try to do this at least once a month, depending on the weather, but this time is even more special because it is the first night out in our brand new, shiny blue bass boat.

Once a month on a Friday night when we both get home from work he will rush to the garage to get the fishing supplies ready to load up in the truck. I usually get everything ready inside the house, including the packing for the night, and loading a cooler for drinks. In addition, I can't forget to set the home alarm that we got from one of the adt dealers near Houston TX, because we will be gone for the entire weekend.

Once we get on the road our romantic weekend begins. We both have an extreme passion for fishing so this makes the perfect date weekend for the two of us. We like to start fishing that Friday evening, and spend the night on the boat until the sun comes out.

Who needs sleep when you have the one you love, a fishing pole, and a new bass boat. The spot where we go to on the lake is an isolated area that we are almost guaranteed to catch our limit of Bass and Crappie. If we do this once a month for the spring and summer months, by early fall we can have an amazing fish fry for the entire family to enjoy.

Thanks for the guest post by Jenny Morrow

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Oh I love fishing too although I never got the chance to try it in the high seas. The only place where I got some fishing when I was just a kid was in a private fish pond. It's probably great to go on fishing with your loved one in your very own fishing boat. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.