What I Do On My Lunch Hour

Just like many other people in the world, I work eight hours a day in an office. For eight hours, I sit at my desk and type away continuously like a zombie. Luckily, I do get a one hour lunch break that I look forward to everyday. My lunch break allows time for me to do what I want away from the stressful workplace.

There are a variety of activities I enjoy doing on my lunch break that I would like to share with you. One of my favorite things to do on my lunch break is to visit with my friends. One of my best friends does not work too far away from my office so we have enough time to swing by the local fast food joint, grab a sandwich, and chit chat about our lives.

On some days though, my best friend is busy so I like to hang out in the break room and visit with my coworkers. On the occasion where I do stay at the office, I will sometimes watch tvbydirect on my lunch break. If my friends are all busy and staying at the office does not sound appealing, I will go check out the local shopping mall that is close to my work. As long as my break includes not working, I am a happy camper.

Thanks for the guest post by Rafael Barnes


☆Mama Ko☆ said...

I want more GP give us more

Mom Daughter Style said...

I do rest at the lounge room at my work.

I love lemon pies.


Mayet said...

it's a good thing to meet friends and catch up! I can't do that as often as I would love to do!