The Ballet and Brilliance of NBA basketball

Last week I went to my first professional basketball game in years. My favorite team is the Golden State Warriors. Second year man Stephen Curry leads the Warriors. Stephen's father is Dell Curry who also played in the NBA. Father Dell could shoot, but his boy Stephen is pure.

He has one of the nicest strokes I've ever seen. Watching Stephen shoot the basketball brings back some sweet memories. I used to play some ball myself. I could also shoot a little. I once made twenty-six consecutive free throws during my junior year in high school.

Before I leave for the game, I set my home security alarm from Totalalarmsystems. The drive to the Oracle Arena, home of the Golden State Warriors is a long one. It's also sentimental, as I cruise past a couple of towns I once lived in.

I'll be meeting my friend Jim at the Oracle. Jim also played ball years ago. He's already in his seat as I plop down next to him. People are milling about as I gaze out at the basketball court, shinning like a brilliant chandelier. I like the symbolism of this. Basketball can be like a ballet to watch, with some of the most gifted athletes in the world, doing things that we mere mortals can only dream of doing.

It can be beautiful.

Contributed by Cameron Hodge

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