Seeing the Christmas Lights at the Plaza

Going out to look at Christmas lights is undoubtedly one of my favorite parts of the entire holiday season. Every year on Thanksgiving, my family treks out to see the Plaza lights get turned on in the early evening. Because of this tradition, we've actually taken to moving our family dinner up a few hours. We eat around 2:00 so that we have time to get down to the lighting ceremony by around 5:00.

After we clear away all the dishes, we always set our home alarm from home-alarm-systems.com/ for security before heading out. Then we pile up into several cars and drive down to the Plaza, where we attempt to find a parking space. After we've all parked, we meet up again on one of the busier streets, trying to get as close to where they will flip the switch as possible.

As soon as the lights turn on, the crowd cheers loudly and there are smiles all around. It's such a magical experience and the Plaza looks gorgeous when its all lit up. There are always carolers all around and lots of people laughing and singing along. I also love that the lights stay on through the whole holiday season, usually until the first or second week of January. They set the atmosphere perfectly for Christmas shopping and enjoying the festive nature of the season.

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

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