Make the Most of your First Trade

The things that concern us the most when it comes to choosing an online broker are the experience and reliability, but the offer itself weighs heavily in the balance. With Firstrade, you simply can’t go wrong, as they score high in all these areas and are a very dependable partner. For the last 25 years, they’ve established a strong reputation in stock trading and IRA accounts, but the decision to move online was just as beneficial. Almost 15 years ago, they’ve made a giant leap forward to take on the internet, and now they are among the best in online trading.

Firstrade uses the latest technology and a user friendly interface, that helps their clients perform the mobile trading and in fact, any type of online trading with ease. This is what makes it an excellent choice for both seasoned traders and new investors who are just getting familiar with the lucrative business of stock trading. In addition you can choose between, exchange traded funds, mutual funds, bonds and treasuries.

As a leading online broker, they offer online trading and mobile trading on extended hours, and their tools are working at a three second trade execution. This has been one of the most important concerns for Firstrade from the very beginning, to offer the users competitive and resourceful tools. IRA accounts are handled by top quality software, and the customer support is always ready to assist you with anything you need. It is only natural that the major publications recognized their merit and awarded them with reputable trophies.

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