When you think about online poker and especially Texas Hold’em, Poker Stars is the first that comes in mind, with the most clients online at any time and terrific promotions and bonuses. The blinds limits range from micro stakes to tables where the high rollers compete, so regardless of budget and experience everyone can have a slice of the cake. Having a PokerStars bonus code will give you a head start, allowing you to gradually unlock more cash rewards as you play more and accumulate loyalty points.

If you simply log in to their site and start playing you will enjoy an excellent platform and a top quality software, but you might lose some of the extras that are not included in their standard promotions. This is where the guys at FlopTurnRiver step in, offering a PokerStars marketing code that will double your initial deposit and provide you with $1000 in the monthly tournament. The process is very simple and there are no strings attached, all you have to do is to type in the flopturnriver PokerStars marketing code to have your initial deposit matched 100%.

The next step is to install the poker client and during the registration process to enter the PokerStars bonus code, suggested by FlopTurnRiver. You won’t have to do anything else and simply enjoy your experience at the tables, with the bonus being released automatically, in increments. It’s a win-win situation to team up with the most popular poker site in the world, while enjoying cool bonuses.

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mag adto ta sa vegas tsang mag casino ta hehehe

i know you love Vegas..dunno if you gamble but I know you shop..

can you believe this? I am active in blogging again...???LOL...miss you a lot...

yes mare ur comment went through. thanks so much mare ko! definitely ninang ka ulet :)