More than Dial-up Internet

For over 14 years, Copper.net has been one of the most reliable and affordable internet service providers for those who rely on dial-up. The number of customers grew and Copper gradually added new features, without cutting down on quality, or raising prices. Even now they are among the most competitive players on the market, thanks to their client-oriented policy. If you want to have dial-up internet, they will not ask you to install any proprietary software, and you can rest assured that your personal information is secured.

Their reputation precedes them and they won’t ask you to sign a contract to benefit of the best dial up services. Nevertheless, you can profit of nice discounts if you sign up for a year with Copper, while upgrading your internet service to the Premium Bundle plan has more advantages. The dial-up internet has ruled supreme for a while, but now many people are requesting broadband internet and Copper is happy to comply, offering high speed internet service at very competitive rates. Also, they now offer DSL internet access, so you should check out if it is not available in your area.

Oriented towards innovation, Copper introduced Voice over IP services that allow you to make long distance calls virtually for free. Speaking of calls, by signing up with these guys you're not only benefiting the quality dial-up internet, but also a service that will notify you when somebody tries to contact you. The only thing required is for you to be online, when this happens but with the affordable dial-up rates, this scenario is very likely.

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