Sometimes Less Means More

Most people are reluctant to make significant changes even when they have good reasons to expect the adjustment to be for the better. For instance, very few are willing to replace their vanity set with a wall-mounted sink, until they see something like that in someone else's bathroom. Especially in those cases when space is limited, and the room feels crowded, such a change is bound to produce positive results. For storage space, there are alternative solutions but in most cases, a small wall-mounted shelf will be enough.

Every room needs furniture and the bathroom is no exception, but sometimes it is better to take a minimalistic approach and focus on quality rather than quantity. Large objects are by definition unsuitable for small rooms, and unless you live in a manor, you should probably loose needlessly large items. After the first few days, the changes might create the sensation that you are left exposed but in the end, it is worth adjusting to change rather than resisting it.

Some homeowners use mirrors in most of their rooms, to create the illusion of more space, but these objects are nowhere else as useful as they are in the bathroom. Even if the issue of space doesn't interest you at all, a mirror is an indispensable accessory so it's worth purchasing the best money can buy. Those who are willing to go a step further can use a couple of them and arrange them in an artistic fashion to create wonderful reflections of light.

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