Why Older Men are Attracted to Younger Women

I just found this topic interesting because they said that, the matter most women have to realize is that a man's desire to get involve in a relationship with a woman is mainly sexual and visual. While a man is young, it doesn't require a lot of visual stimulation to get sexual. But once he begins to grow older and his sexual peak is deteriorating, it demands much better visuals to stimulate sexual.

And for this reason, he is inclined to look for a much younger women in the hope to stimulate his declining sexuality. It's not necessarily that these young women don't show much interest on him but likely he is not interested in them either other than stimulating sexual drive.

He doesn't have similar desire for a company in his geezerhood that women have, unlike most matured women who get pleasure from a broad form of activities they would love sharing with their partner. That include traveling, entertaining or family gatherings etc.

But the thing is, older unmarried men are not fascinated with a female company for these things. Instead, they prefer playing golf or get some hobbies from other men to experience intellectual companionship.

Honestly, I have known lots of guys who simply hold their eyes for youthful women. What is it they practically prefer more for young women?

Here are couple of ideas:

1. Bridging the Maturity Gap.
People say that maturity from women develop more quicker than men. So for men who are not seeking for a commitment, its evident appeal for them to hook up with a younger women who are yet seeding their wild grains.

2. Who’s Your Daddy?
We cant argue the fact that mostly men take a remarkable gratification
in acting the part of a breadwinner and guardian.

3. Ego Trippin’.
Nothing in this world could makes men bloated with ego than the attention of a charming youthful ladies who favor older men more than to their masculine peers.

Conclusion: In one point, older men will invariably date young women, but mostly will realize that kind of relationships are unlikely to last. Maybe some will perceive from their instincts and look for a women closer their age who attribute same interests, goals as well as energy levels.

Please note that these are purely an opinion but do you agree with it?


Dorothy L said...

Very interesting concept.

The most notable facts are that men want sex and woman want security!

That is typically the bare bones of the innate needs.
Although I believe these days women are more than not financially independent of many men and that also has caused this older men to younger woman ratio.

Living in Florida I see a lot of rich older men with the arm candy and it is all just about that.

They both have an agenda and they are bot quite aware of it.
These men have done the family domestic thing and have revisited their youth or hope to:)

I agree that older men do need more visual stimulation and that they are not as easily content as woman are with respects to traveling or walking in the park.

Also older women tend to move past the sex part of their relationship when they reach a certain age and a lot of times the men are not ready.

We are a complicated species...that is fact.

pehpot said...

I think scientifically older men gets attracted to younger woman because of the capability of the younger woman to produce offspring.. I think it is the same concept as that of the men being more attracted to women having a bigger bosoms and breast. It's their animal instinct that's talking. Partly it is about sex but mostly it is being surviving your race :)

hey Mommy thanks for always dropping by ha..

naku the kids wants their mommy back kaya mejo off limits na sa blogging LOL

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nancy said...

my immediate reaction ko before whenever i see an older man with a younger woman together was really... ewwwww! as in, i don't think magagawa ko ang ganun but as i mature and as i see life in a wider perspective it has randomly changed. i agree to what Dorothy has said. I've seen the vast ratio of older man to younger woman in some places here in the Phils. so for me it's no longer a surprise. Just what makes it a sad truth is that it usually involves "money!"

Grampy said...

As a geezer myself I would like to add a little input. I feel that a lot of older men like to be with the young chicks because it makes them feel younger. They are afraid of getting old. As for the man with money. It is more of a hey see my young chick. It makes them feel superior to other men. As we all know men are a bit insecure about certain things.
I love your blog. Keep up the good work.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

i agree with dorothy sis!
older men just want sex...kung hanap nila eh younger women...


You cited good, valid points. But you forgot the essential. Older Men don't just go for Younger Women, They go for HOT Younger Women. And usually, there are more Hot Younger Women than there are Hot Grandmas I mean, older Women. :)Which then points towards the fact that Men are more or less visual creatures you can't help but appreciate fresh meat. It doesn't matter if they're old themselves. Why should their ages ruin their taste? :)

Interesting topic there!

-BadaBingPatron of Barako Brew