IceBloc - Hip-Hop Grew up to be the Essence of Cool

M usic is what keeps us alive and inspired. I believe most of us love the sound of music and just like me, it keeps me happy and feeling alive. Today most kids and young adults are more fascinated with the new hip hop artists and the new genre songs.

And when you think about hip hop, what artist comes to your mind? Jay-Z, Kanye West, IceBloc? What, never heard about IceBloc? Common' they are the industry's newest dynamic duo, Tag Team Champs in a weight class all their own…. I.C.E BLOC!

The name I.C.E Bloc has two obvious parts. The acronym I.C.E comes from their parent company/label Infinite Cash Entertainment. The word BLOC (block) represents where they came from...the hood, the block, the streets. IceBloc is made up of two guys, whose names are John Keys and Vernon Norfleet. They also go by the names J DOT and Vito, respectively.

They are one of the top artists who came up with a newly released album called Krankmuzik. Their new album sounds great and has songs like Put it in the Air, Drop Roll, RideSlow, Bout Dat Guap and my favorite is In My Trunk ReMastered because of the beat . These songs can be previewed or listened from IceBloc.com or go to their MySpace page to listen for free at myspace.com/iceblocmusic.

I have to admit, time had changed and I am finding myself with diversified tastes in music. I have started to listen to different music on the radio. One station I like has started to play a lot of hip hop music. And I am starting to like some of the new music.

So if hip hop music is something you like or if you are searching for a type of music that is new and up beat, then I recommend taking the time to review their website and listen to some of their songs available on IceBloc’s MySpace page where you can review and download for free. For all the latest on I.C.E BLOC visit www.iceblocmusic.com



Ready to Buy Gold?

F or the past hundred years, purchasing gold has been generally acknowledged as one of the great means to uphold your buying power and wealth. For the reason that gold is perceive as one of a kind investment that promoted benefits to entire humanity for centuries.

"Now is the time to buy gold." That's what a good friend of mine told me almost three years ago. She'd heard this from her father in law and I'd heard some of the buzz about gold here and there which made me curious enough to look into it.

The first thing I did was to check the site GoldCoinsGain.com which is Aurum Advisors most comprehensive resource to buy gold coins and gold bullion acquisition. No place where you can easily get comprehensive information on gold subject from their site. I even signed up for the mailist list to get me a booklet on buying gold.

Additionally, you can add Gold in your portfolio of bonds, stocks and cash. You can buy gold bullion coin which is 24-Karat and solid gold from the United States Mint. You can even do gold IRA Transfer. With the global economy is getting more indication of lack of confidence, gold has turned to be the best option for 401k, IRA , 403b, and Pension Plans.

In general, if you are showing interest ingold and have some spare money to buy gold coins or two, just take the chance in investing for it. When the unstable economy started, precious metal seeemd to be a great investment and lot of people have started out to purchase gold.

What Kind Of Home Security System Do You Need?

W hen it comes to the subject of home protection, most people immediately think of alarms, sensors or cameras; and they're right. However, there are several simple and low cost security measures that anyone can put in place around their home to greatly enhance their security.

Usually it's a good idea to put some of these common sense measures in place first when you give attention to home security. But after you have done all that, you can reduce the likelihood of someone breaking into your home otherwise, it's a good idea to start seriously thinking about installing a home security system as well, especially if your budget will allow it.

However, advancing technology has made other additions and enhancements available that can improve your security level even further. For instance, now you can add a wireless security system into your home to make it even more effective.

You can browse around the site of ProtectAmerica.com for more specifics on any of Home Security System package that best suits your needs. Getting the most out of every dollar is their company's goal along with providing the best security possible for the important people and things in life.

We are actually interested in getting the gold package from their site. Because the Gold Package provides a total of 15 door/window sensors which is the right package for our home. This gives us more protection at each point of entry into our home. Plus you can call their number 877-470-2751 to order their service, and you'll get 2 keychain remotes.

I believe, home security system shouldn’t be thought of as a luxury for your family, but a necessity. Nothing compares to the peace of mind you’ll have knowing you or your loved ones won’t come home to a burglarized house, apartment or condo.

The bottom line is that by using common sense in conjunction with a dependable home security alarm system, you can protect your home and your family from potential invaders.


Blogger Buddy Award

I got this award from Meryl , one of the newest friend I found from the blogworld. She is pretty and one smart lady. I frequented to her blog because she always post reviews about restaurants and food. And since our family loves to pig out, I find it interesting to read her reviews for different restaurants and places.

So if you love food just like me, you can check out her site which has full of witty information you can learn from.

Cecile also tagged me for this one..Thank you so much Ces for always remembering me. You are such a sweet lady.

Im passing this award to Mareng Niko, Cecile, Dhemz sistah, Amy, KittyKat, Mummy Gwen, Mareng Liz, Dhangz Madz, Ghie ganda, Pehpot, G.O.D., Manang Kim, Kikamz, Beth , Chubskulit, Enchie, Iceah, and to all my blogger friends out there.

SeaWorld's Manta Roller Opens May 22

A musement parks have transformed a lot to a highest degree ever since I was a kid. Not to mention the rides and attractions are very much more advanced, yet there are great ways to enhance your experience.

If you are lucky to have the chance in visiting the Seaworld Orlando on summertime I guess, you will have a great deal that awaits you when you come and see the Seaworld. The SeaWorld Orlando has declared the opening day of Manta roller coaster that falls on Friday, May 22, 2009 .

One of the main attraction about Manta will be its trains, which are molded like Manta ray with wings extended over 12 feet. The Manta is a flying, inverted roller coaster, where you will be secured with a strap in an upright position and then the coaster will move the riders into the lying face downward position.

The riders will be raised along the tracks, bringing a journey across the whole park adding a trip through a vast aquarium, filled with sea animals like the sea horses and manta rays. Anticipate that you will get a little wet from this experience regardless you are the rider or the looker.

Go visit www.ridemanta.com and check out the "Participate and Win" section and feel free to take part on all the six activities featured on their site so you can get the chance to avail your own "Front-of-the-line" pass to Manta at SeaWorld Orlando.



Get Help to Reduce your Debt

I n the modern era where credit cards are so convenient, loans are so common and debt is socially acceptable, it’s extremely easy to get into debt.

Having a debt management plan can be a good debt solution, I could say personally because I have witnessed a good friend of mine who had gotten too much debt that almost destroyed her credit. Almost a year ago, her business went bad and she incurred huge debt in some form as I could just imagine.

She and her husband had been fighting literally to find a way to handle their financial responsibilities in a way that was fair to everyone. They found themselves in difficult times and ended up far into debt both with credit card companies and also to family and close personal friends who tried to help us out.

They tried to negotiate with the credit card companies and went to consumer credit counseling but to no avail. In the mean time, their credit card debt had little to no movement on the balances even though they were making payments every month.

Finally, after some personal assessment they stood up on both feet and did a proper online search for debt reduction companies who charge lesser fees at the same time will be able to give them some insights on how to Reduce Debt. By pure chance, she found the ReduceDebt.net that offers a debt reduction solution that will cut the total you owe, freeze the interest you pay and remove any threat to the home you own.

For them, it was such a great feeling to know that there is an end to this madness and to know resorting to bankruptcy does not have to be looked at. However, my friend told me that they are now able to operate within a budget that has a future to it, instead of just trying to hold off the biggest bully, so to speak.

I have 2 other friends who are using this kind of services and they all feel the same way. They all know that there is a light at the end of this financial tunnel.


Stainless Steel Fireplace Accessories

N othing can beat the ambiance and warmth a fireplace can offer in every focal point of our home. Fire can create a great surrounding influence for social interaction and looking at the dancing flames is one key to a sensual experience that arouses the senses of sound, of sight, of touch and of smell. Frequently, the fireplace serves as the focus of a decor that creates unity and decoration to the whole area.

I found the Blomus Stainless Steel fireplace accessories have a distinct characteristic and unparalleled style when it comes to fireplace. As they bring the warmness and satisfaction feeling to all who sit down around them. There are plenty of selections to decide from, which gives you less effort to look for the one that matches your contemporary home. All accessories are made of stainless steel with functional designs and modern look to manage your fireplace more easier than you think.

Furthermore, apart from determining the selections of modern Stainless Steel fireplace accessories that will create a perfect look to any fireplace, there are a great selection available for bathroom accessories, office accessories , kitchen accessories, and waste bins. Created by German craftsmen and inspired by premiere European designers, every Blomus product, whether kitchen accessories, a contemporary Stainless steel mailbox, bar and wine tools or a modern styled set of candle holders and bathroom hardware, Blomus offers only the highest quality of stainless steel accessories with unbeatable prices in the market. Check them out now.

If You Pluck a Gray Hair, Two More Will Grow Back in Its Place?

This Old Wives’ Tales: Factual or Folktale?

G ray hair can multiply rapidly, so it’s spontaneous if there's an instance you encounter one grey hair, you begin detecting them over your entire head, as though they’ve proliferated the whole night. Tweezing a grey hair will not triggered to grow more white hair for the reason that hair follicles can only make single strand of hair, no more no less.

But the fact is, plucking can actually make you lose more hair, since hair follicle is susceptible to damage or can be totally ruined because of pulling or yanking your hair. It’s all right to pluck the irregular white hair yet if your hair is becoming thinner or gradually receding, coloring your hair might be your best option.


Plan Ahead for your Alaska Travel and Adventure

T here are couple of places in the world with the splendor and magnificent beauty like Alaska. Not alone is Mt McKinley the tallest peak in the US, it is as well a magnificent view when when you discover the Wonder Lake at Denali Park.

Alaska, which is known for its vast land of clean wilderness, is perhaps the most gorgeous state in the America. The name Alaska came from the Eskimo word which means "great lands," which leads to a description of a countless inland, great snow-capped mountain ranges, waterways and limitless coasts.

Traveling in Alaska, you will experience the matchless sea kayaking adventures while enjoying the wildlife. You can be relaxed on a one day cruise, panning out for gold, there are endless of possibilities you can do with your upcoming Alaska travel experience.

So take the first trip in carrying out your plan vacation with AlaskaDenaliTours.com for the best economical advise in creating your Alaskan Dream. Their experience travel planners will be guiding you in looking for local hotel and lodging, transport, activities and tours to help your Alaska travel a great experience.

Just keep in mind when you wish to travel Alaska, plan ahead of time to get the perfect itinerary for your future Alaska travel adventure because during summer time, availability of hotels are
hard to find.

Finally, regardless you are an angler, photographer, a hunter or just someone who enjoys the wilderness, you will surely appreciate this place. Yet, remember when you travel Alaska you should be cautious with your safety because it is still a wild land, it is advisable to let someone know about your itinerary.

Repair Your Credit Fast

T he initial step in ceasing yourself from using your credit cards is to acknowledge that they are turning into an issue. Lot of people are actually battling financial struggle and might rely on credit cards to help ends meet.

We know a lot of families are depending on credit cards to pay for the recurring household expenses like fuel, groceries when supposedly it is ideal to use credit cards for incidental or minor expenses.

But the good news is, there are some systematic plan of action you can put into service to keep this from happening. Therefore you should be aware on how to fix credit score is not that easy. It involves time, a great deal of effort and some searching. Be cautious if anybody narrates with you that they can repair credit quickly for you, with an extra little fee and minimum effort.

The fact is, there is no quick fix to an exceptionally bad rating. Fixing of an apparent errors can actually takes months to be positively registered on your report. So pay attention to those loads of fraudulent companies out there awaiting to rip your wallet off. And release yourself against difficulties if you are concerned in fixing your good name and wish to gain control of your finances once again.

Perhaps in some cases in order to fix your credit score, some credit repair agencies would fall back to a wrong credit fix measures which can create you into more trouble. Make an effort to keep your distance with such individuals or companies.

Giant Camel Spider (Arachnid Solifugae)

I guess we would never or seldom learned of this creature if it wasn't because of the stories and photographs brought back home by the US servicemen from Persian Gulf war and the Iraq War. It was stated that this exceptional size spider would creep into the sleeping bag of some soldiers and bite them while they were sleeping.

Luckily, these spiders are not venomous. While it utilizes its claws in catching a prey, the giant spider moves fast as well as it is widely known to travel around 10 Mph. The spider is actually called Arachnid Solifugae which the word "Solifugae" in Latin means, "flee from the sun".
(Photo by: brs)

Online Tickets For All Budgets

T he existence of the internet has transformed a lot of people to engage in purchasing online that include acquiring tickets for their favored events or concerts.

Regardless what age bracket you belong, nothing can beat the experience of excitement in watching live entertainment. But your desire to watch a concert will be incomplete without finding and purchasing tickets ahead of time.

Evidently, the first step to do is to search for a concert or events that are worthy to spend your money. Obviously, everybody has their own particular preference in discovering any events in their particular area.

You will be overwhelmed to learn once you start scouring the web shopping for sports, Broadway or concert tickets that there are plenty of online ticket brokers who are bidding to get your business. Want Madison Square Garden tickets? A Borgata Casino tickets? Or maybe some Giant Stadium tickets?

So if you wish to save time in pursuing the best seats in front or tickets, I guess its better to check ACheapSeat.com , a site that is dedicated to provide you from the not-easy-to-find tickets to the popular events across the country. They keep certain tickets not accessible from the other websites.

We are actually one of the follower of this online ticket broker and we can vouch how their customer service had improved over the past years.

The Pregnant Belly Cake

T hese belly cakes are so adorable!


Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals & Condos

A s daytime starts to move slowly and snow begins to dissolve, it's ideal time to plan ahead your spring escapade. Planning and make a reservation for your spring vacation can actually give you an advantage for special deals and vacation packages.

Have you heard about the Myrtle Beach Resort which is known as the perfect beach destination all around the US? The Myrtle Beach resorts are actually famous for people who love going to the beach.

Discover the great assortment of resort environment Myrtle Beach Resort has to offer. More resorts have the amenities that provide great fun to the entire family like the water parks, kiddie pools and miniature golf. However, some resorts furnish adult crowds with indoor pool and exercise rooms with 1 or 2 bedroom condos.

At Mrytle Beach, you can arrange so much activities of fun therefore creating your own travel arrangement is less expensive and hassle free once you take advantage of their travel packages.

Experience the huge variety of amenities you can get once you opted to stay at the ocean front of Myrtle Beach Resort. And dont forget to check out the Myrtle Beach Hotels when choosing a variety of fully-furnished studios or 1-3 bedroom condominiums .

Acobay - A Unique Social Network

S ocial Networking sites are not anymore considered a solution to keep track of your schoolmates but it had grown to a more advanced concepts like Acobay, which permits you to link up with lots of people who did purchase similar products you bought or if you are taking consideration to purchase things.

Though the site is still regarded as new social network site, yet it provides an unequalled resolution of social networking according to its similitude and passion. Therefore, if you are searching for some individual whom you have in common when it comes to interest and fondness, you will encounter it in Acobay. Where members share a lot of things according to their reviews.

For example, if you love anything about pet, you can browse the Pet network and give some reviews about certain dog breed. Also if you have an interest in some brand of cars, you may check the Auto network, where all members share interest about car and motorcycles.

It will be very pleasant if we could meet people who have many similarities with us. Just like as how I found some people who watched the same movie we've watched in Movie Network, etc. So as we could exchange information or found the news about the thing that was liked by us, or only shared the experience with the other person in this network site.

To share your fondness and interest to other people is a great fun and can raise a higher energy level. You will learn that you will be able to search, get into intercommunicating when you wish to know the review on the famous book Twilight after checking the Book Network.

Overall, Acobay is a consumer social network and you can use it to find the hottest stuffs by reading consumer reviews or comments on various stuffs. It will not only help you in expanding the network of your friends but will also help you in making some good decisions. Try it today, registration is absolutely free.

I Changed my Layout once Again

I changed my layout once again, I guess I'm trying to get rid of the old design and its time for me to change. It's been a while I was contemplating to create a new header but I was sidelined for a month due to a very personal matter.

After I came back from Taipei, I experience a terrible jet lag so I tried to use my time to create something new and pleasing to the eye so I chose green background. At least, it came out neat and clean. So for time being, this will be my new lay out for now. Hope you like it.


Kawaii Blog Award

This is my very first award being posted after my trip from Taipei. I'm so glad that my sweet friend Amiable Amy is always as friendly as ever and never get tired of tagging and including me every time she is is being tagged by her blogger friends.

That's why she has so many friends all over the blogosphere.. my sincere thanks Ams guaps for the thoughts and the kind words of encouragement.. I really do appreciate your gestures.

Now that I'm back to blogging , I 'll make sure that I will drop by her 2 sites often and leave some messages for her.

Sorry but Im not tagging anybody here for now.. I just want to keep this one for myself for time being.


Learn to Save Money with Prepaid Credit Card

T here are plenty of inconvenient circumstances you will encounter if you don't own a credit card nowadays. A credit card is always a requirement when you want to get an airline bookings, Car rentals and hotel reservations and whenever you can’t acquire one for the reason of bad or limited credit, subsequently you’re in a bind. This is an ideal time where having a prepaid credit card can give you advantages.

With a Prepaid Credit card, it is kind of having a gift card as you put money into the card. So, if ever you purchase something, the amount will be deducted from the balance cutting down the total amount left for your next purchase.

A prepaid credit card is like a payment card, with no credit check requirement and it is acceptable to any locations where you normally use credit or debit card when making a purchase thus include purchases from internet or from overseas.

Handling your Prepaid Debit card is much similar when dealing a savings or checking account than handling a credit card. The finance charges, late payment and interest become your least concern because what is being left from your account is all you can spend. Therefore, no maturity dates or rotating balance to worry about.

In contrast to cash, your money is secure and safe in the event that your card is being stolen or got lost as you are protected from any unauthorized transactions. No matter if you often use your card or just for occasion , you are still in control with your spending habits.

So when you are currently seeking for the great deal in getting prepaid cards, try to check the website www.achievecard.com and find out more of the details that can be equated to a normal prepaid card. You can go ahead and apply online for a Prepaid MasterCard that is perfect for your needs.


Dancing Shoes that Suit Your LifeStyle

D ancing can be an excellent way to exercise and express yourself.
For some, they prefer the hip hop dancing while others love ballroom dancing.

But why so many people are fascinated with dancing?

First and foremost, let us determine what is a dance. Dance in general denotes to the motion of the body, commonly rhythmical and to music, it is being used as a form social interaction, expression, or demonstrated in a performance or spiritual setting.

In these time, the dance has turned into a real work of art. There are available performances, competitions and amazing shows we can be delighted to watch. However, for the reason that dancing is also relatively good form of exercise that gives you energy, it is also healthy for heart patients and beneficial if you are regaining for surgeries.

However, nowadays there are huge choices of dancing shoes to pick from. It doesn't matter if you are someone who love the slow waltz or ballroom dance or salsa. There are plenty of dancing shoes to look around plus an array of heels and flats that fit your own personality and lifestyle.

Lastly, dancing is considered as one of the activities mostly women and men can take delight together because dancing doesn't require you to be a pro dancer, it is actually a fun way to enjoy while doing your rounds for exercise.