We're Grieving :(

T his will be my last post, Im still in shocked and out of words to realize that we lost another loved one. However, I am still recuperating from the loss of my beloved Mom who passed away last end of March 2009 and till now the pain is still fresh from my head. We are still in the process of recovery and been trying to recoup our life due to her unexpected departure and then another one blow came along.

I was awaken by the phone call telling me about the sad news early dawn this morning and we're taking the MIDNIGHT FLIGHT later tonight and will be staying overseas for couple of months this time. To my friends here, thank you so much for the visits. I may not be able to visit you back due to unfortunate events that shaken our family twice in a row this year.


Enjoy Home Entertainment with DirecTV

W e've been a Direct TV customers for more than 2 years now and all I could narrate is that we're glad that we've chosen their service. Before anything else, they equip us with more than 150 channels that has similar characteristics like HD programming, brilliant sound with high quality picture brought to the comfort of our home.

For us, there is no doubt that Direct TV is a wise option that we've made, as currently we enjoy watching our favorite sports channels, movie channels even the XM radio channels as well as the regular channels like Spike, USA, FOX and a lot more that make us occupied the whole day.

Aside from having more options on program channels, DirectTV offers lesser monthly payment and excellent customer service. I love the idea that I can just record my favorite movies, shows and program digitally when using the Direct TV DVR which is very convenient particularly when we are off for holiday.

Without any questions, DirectTV is the perfect choice to take delight from pleasurable TV entertainment, now where is the best place to get it? I guess when you order online, it will spare your time and money for the reason that DirectTV has a consumer-friendly deals so buying directly online can actually get you lesser startup price and best discounts. As soon as you are all done, you'll have to await for it to be shipped directly to your house for proper satellite installation.

Why Long, Straight Hair is Attractive to Most Men

I read one interesting article that featured why men normally find women attractive if she is sporting a straight long mane instead of curly or short hair. I guess, this is so true because I myself is a fan of keeping up a long hair. I had a straight, thick long hair ever since I could remember. I believe having a long hair makes you feel more sexy and attractive to guys.

image from google

Just like what I've noticed from the show "The Millionaire Matchmaker", all the ladies were advised to get a long straight hair if they have a littlest hint of curls from their hair before the initial meeting with the bachelors. The professional love guru on that program said, that men personally prefer silky straight hair. But what makes it funny is that if you mentioned "sexy hair", in the mags it normally pictures or shows big waves of curls like those from the Victoria Secret models.

So what's the real deal? Do men really favor straight, long hair compare to curly or short hair?

I guess, it's all about the hype in TV and magazine spreads, for the reason that men viewed lot of celebrities and much of publicity promotions that caused them to feel more attraction to ladies with straight, silky long hair. While in the past, men just loved women with beautiful curly hair. Did you get the point here?


Get that Perfect White Smile with Dental Veneers

Teeth Whitening
O ne evening, we were talking with friends about plastic surgery that enhances appearance and we came up with a question regarding to what part of our face or body needs to be enhanced. For me, I've been dreaming to get that sparkling killer smile like every celebrities have.

Anyway, we all know that first impression really counts especially with our face value. Therefore, make an effort to visualize whenever you smile,you exude that self-confidence that your set of teeth were as sparkling and as straightened like a movie star. However, with the help of dental veneers, your dream is next to reality. Say goodbye forever to your crooked, stained, protruding, damage or rotting teeth and gaps once you opted for veneers.

But what are the precise advantages that veneers can do to our teeth? Veneers are commonly used for cosmetic dentistry to enhance the appearance of our teeth as they bring a whiter, brighter smile with beautifully straighten, well-proportioned teeth. They are created as coverage for tooth that are being damaged from breaking or decay.

It can be applied to correct disfigured, misshapen teeth or aligned our teeth. The application and preparation process are painless and straightforward procedure. But in contrast to common teeth, veneers are stain-resistant and one ideal way to conceal existing orthodontic issues. One thing that creates veneers ideal is their deficiency for continuous maintenance.

So if you are planning to get a perfect white smile, visit the lumineers.com as they have qualified dental professionals who are believers in promoting long-term dental health care. Or you can give them a call today to assist you in finding the right dentist in your local area.

Favorite Blog Award

I 've been keeping a low profile for a while because my time was being occupied by my little boy who is now 16 months old and been very mobile and super active. We enrolled him in a gym class so he can interacts with other toddlers his age at the same time, he will be able to explore the outside world around him.

Knowing that he enjoys so much playing with other kids, makes the mommy in me to encourage him to participate romping in the playroom. Indeed, it was a good decision in putting him to this class as he was able to overcome his shyness and be more sociable.

Anyway, Mommy Kikamz awarded me this tag earlier today. I've been thinking what post I need to write and this is one arrived in a timely manner. Thanks Mommy Kamz for giving me this award, I really appreciate your thoughts. Mommy Kamz is one of the friendliest person I met in the blogosphere, you should pop over to check her site.

Benefits of Breast Feeding and the Cost Savings of Store Brand Formula

I remember the moment I positively confirmed I was pregnant, I began to engage in more obligated things. So we initiated in shopping around the top-quality crib while made plans on how to beautify the baby's room at the same time investing in all sort of conveniences and gizmos.

I guess, these reasons concluded why baby business is booming and considered as a multi-billion dollar industry in the whole world. It is understandable that most parents, new and old alike come to believe that money is not an issue when they think about the welfare of their kid. Regardless of what is your financial status, pinching pennies is the least you could think whenever the subject of interest is about the life of your treasured child.

So when our precious baby arrived in this world, all we could give was our utmost attention and all the expensive stuffs that we could purchased particularly the baby formula.

I understand that there's no replacement for a mother's milk because it is the best source of nutrition for our babies and as a matter of fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics acknowledged it as the gold standard in baby's nourishment. I was planning to breastfeed my baby but circumstances didn't permit me to do it because my milk supply wasn't enough so we need to get an alternate formula which is expensive.

But by then, I was clueless about the benefits of Store-brand formulas that are actually available in major retailer stores like Target, Walmart, Sam's Club CVS, Kroger and Walgreens. Perhaps I was more focus on brand-name formulas and simply overlooked the advantage of Parent's Choice Infant Formula specifically when it comes to cost savings. So I tried to do my research and found out that infant formulas whether it is a brand named or store brands are in fact in accordance with the same strict FDA rules and procedures. Thus, there is a significant price difference of 50% less compare to brand named formulas.

Now, I realized how much we were supposedly be saving per month after I checked their Parent's Choice $avings Calculator. We could have spend less and save up to $600 a year if we chose a store brand formula instead. Anyway, this is actually one lesson I've learned of being a first time mom, but for sure when the second baby will arrive, I will not hesitate to use the retailer's brand formula for our baby.

Overall, If one parent will opt to add formula supplement aside from mother’s milk, they should not have to pay too much for the formula. The reason why the retailer's brand formula are comparatively lower in price because they are not distributed as free formulas to any health facilities or hospitals.


Scents that Last Longer

D id you ever get curious on how to prolong the scent of your fave perfume that will last for longer period of time? It is expected that the initial sprays of fragrance can only sustain up to 3 hours or even more shorter if the weather is colder outside.

But tropic or humid weather condition could really create your scent more bolder. However, you can make your perfume scent last longer by working the scent with the creams and lotions coordination. Plus the smell of your shampoo could be one added factor too. Therefore, if you are outside snuffling for a new smell of scent, make sure to search for a new whole package.