Direct Satellite TV Channel for your Business

I t's been quite a while since I last visited my hubby's newly furnished office and warehouse after they moved to a new location for a more spacious space.

However, last week I was able to get some spare time to drop by their new place and I was literally in a state of amazement after I finally laid my eyes on their newly designed office that has turned into a real business area. On the other hand, it was the sleek, flat screen HD TV that was hanged on the wall that heavily caught my attention. Indeed, it helps bring a great impression and impact from customers not to feel isolated inside the office while sticking around waiting for someone to attend your specific business.

I was in fact aware from the beginning that they took advantage of Direct TV Business packages because I did introduce to them the benefits of getting the DirectTV Business deals to save more money. I believe it is truly beneficial installing Direct TV in their office as it helps entertain the customer as well as taking away the boredom while inside the office room.

I'm sure that's the concept of installing flat screen TV inside the fitness center so clients will not wary or get conscious of the time they spent while working out especially in a boring treadmill. So rather than keep on tracking the time, most people found themselves occupied in watching TV while doing their rounds of exercise.

If you are a business owner that has been looking for the installation of sports programs or business channels in your business establishment of office, DirectTV can provide you hundred of channels that suits your requirement. Capitalize or avail yourself these great deals for Commercial Direct TV and receive a quote now to bring Direct TV Business service in your office.


Daytime Emmy Awards 2009 Complete List of Winners

The Daytime Emmy Awards 2009 Complete List of Winners

T he 36th Daytime Emmy Awards is here once again to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of daytime television productions and programs being aired from 2 am to 6:00 pm throughout the year of 2008.

The ceremony was held in Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles, California that started at 8 pm until 10 pm ET carried simultaneously by CW network.

However, here are the complete list of winners for Daytime Emmy Awards 2009:
Drama series:
“The Bold and the Beautiful”

Lead actress in a drama series:
Susan Haskell, “One Life to Live.”

Lead actor in a drama series:
Christian LeBlanc, “The Young and the Restless.”

Supporting actress in a drama series:
Tamara Braun, “Days of Our Lives.”

Supporting actor in a drama series (tie):
Vincent Irizarry, “All My Children,” and Jeff Branson, “Guiding Light.”

Younger actress in a drama series:
Julie Berman, “General Hospital.”

Younger actor in a drama series:
Darin Brooks, “Days of Our Lives.”

Game-audience participation show:
“Cash Cab.”

Game show host:
Meredith Vieira, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.”

Talk show-entertainment:
“Rachael Ray.”

Talk show-informative:
“The Tyra Banks Show.”

Talk show host:
Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Sherri Shepherd, Barbara Walters, “The View.”

Morning program:
“Good Morning America.”

Directing in a drama series:
“One Life to Live.”

Writing in a drama series:
“General Hospital.”

Performer in a children’s series:
Kevin Clash, Elmo in “Sesame Street.”

Lifetime achievement:
“Sesame Street.”


RVs, Cabins or Tents: Which Offers the Best Family Camping Experience?

RV Camping - RVs
A pparently, summer is the busiest camping season and I believe it can be ascribe to warm weather as well as the kids being out of school. But some campers like us prefer to camp when the weather has cool down and yet there are even plenty of campers who would rather camp during winter time.

Well, each season has its own benefits and attractions to camper, hikers and backpackers as camping means different things to different people. My translation about camping leans on a more comfortable side as our family love the camping experience yet we need to have some essential comforts too.

I remember one of the best camping trips that we went is in Pennsylvania RV Parks as most of our camping trips are done during the spring and summer months. One thing we love about the PA RV camping is their facilities that give you comfort and so much fun activities to participate. The campground is well maintained and their staffs are very friendly and helpful that makes the whole trip memorable.

If you don't own an RV, you can still enjoy the camping experience with their newly built modern cabins which is a perfect choice for families or couples in search for a unique Gettysburg camping vacation encounter.

KFC New Sandwich : Double Down KFC , Weight Watchers

KFC New Sandwich : Double Down KFC
T he KFC New Sandwich - Have you ever tried the KFC new Sandwich? It is called the double down chicken sandwich which for some may looks so tasty but too many wouldn't call it good food.

For the reason that the number of calories present on the sandwich alone is enough to ruin your diet for the whole day. This is made of 2 chicken fillets instead of a bun while filled up with bacon, Swiss and pepper jack cheeses and the Colonel sauce - that made a total of 1,228 calories in one sandwich.

If you are watching your diet like me, you better be away with this kind of food. As they said, good food is one of life's great pleasures but I believe eating moderately and counting your calories is beneficial to your health.


NFL Fantasy FootBall Player draft

H ave you heard about the Fantasy Football, this is a new site that we found which was created by few erstwhile Wall Street guys who have strong passion in playing football. My hubby was so excited about it because he has a serious football habit and just love to play the game so we set up an account for him at WaiverWire.

The site keeps him addicted while he gets free real time fantasy player information along with research and player rankings as he can do his own research to get player comparison, player rankings, injury information, strength of schedule and projects. He's been trying to explore the Guru zone in testing his knowledge in the Guru challenge too.

He also love the forum section where you can ask questions from the Fantasy Football experts along with the news section as you can gain most recent news information on Fantasy Football.

So if you love playing fantasy football, this website is right for you as the site was being built while applying the tools, format and techniques from analyzing stocks to NFL player and fantasy football team analysis. WaiverWire is your absolute source for fantasy football rankings, drafting software, news, projections, statistics and analysis to help you win your fantasy league.

It depends on what features you are interested once you sign up for membership as the price ranges from FREE to $29.99. There is a $9.99 membership fee if you want to have a real time player as well as the so-called "The Stimulus package" that serves as a free drafting tool. Its' actually a good deal if your guy is a hard core football fanatic. So don't miss to grab this fantastic opportunity.



Phillip Garrido / Jaycee Dugard Press Conference

Phillip Garrido / Philip and Nancy garrido / Nancy Garrido / Jaycee lee Dugard
Phillip Garrido
N ow it is confirmed that Phillip Garrido and his wife Nancy Garrido are the kidnappers of Jaycee Lee Dugard who surfaced unintentionally in the California police station, 18 years after her abduction.

Jaycee Lee Dugard was last seen by his stepfather walking to a bus stop in going to school at South Lake Tahoe when a grey vehicle drove up to Dugard and abducted her on June 10, 1991.

But the formidable news about Phillip Garrido is that, he is listed in Megan Law's database as a convicted sex offender and was sentenced to 50 years in prison and served almost 11 years in Nevada for a federal kidnapping conviction.

Both suspects are being held in the El Dorado county jail with a $4.195 million bail for his wife, Nancy Garrido while Phillip Garrido is not qualified for bail because he is a parolee.

Jaycee Lee Dugard

Jaycee Lee Dugard kidnappedJaycee Lee Dugard - Jaycee Lee Dugard was reported missing and kidnapped last June 10,1991 while walking to catch a bus to school in South Lake Tahoe. She was then 11 years old when the incident happened and nobody had seen or talked to her ever since. Her parents assumed the worst could happened after a massive and widespread search was performed for her abduction.

However, a woman claiming to be Jaycee Lee Dugard has showed up at a Concord police station after 18 years of being missing. If indeed, the woman is the real Jaycee Lee, why the silence all these years? Who was her abductors and who let her go? Updates will soon to be revealed.

Kathleen K.C. Neill - catched on Video

M odel Kathleen K.C. Neill - Nude model Kathleen Neill was charged of public lewdness yesterday at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for posing bared naked. She was working as a nude model for photographer Zach Hyman when she was intercepted by security guard in the MET.

It's been couple of weeks that this nude photographer, Zach Hyman was been dominating the news recently because of his venture taking pictures of naked models in public places that created different reactions from the crowd. This is actually the first time that one of his nude models was being charged of public lewdness but I believe this is also one way to pique the interest of the public.

Check the video of Kathleen K.C. Neill baring naked:


TruTV's Black Gold is New on Wednesday Nights

I admit, we are a big fan of TruTV channel and we are truly delighted to learn about the new program entitled truTV BLACK GOLD that brings new meaning to actuality. This new reality TV show brought to you from the creator of the of the Deadliest Catch and the Ice Road Truckers that premiered last 19th of August which focuses on the lives of Texas oil workers.

Nobody has created this kind of program before about the toughest, strongest guys who only have fifty days to drill 4 back-breaking holes. Their jobs are very dangerous and strenuous that require a tough job training.

Im pretty sure there are lot of people who have watched the Ice Road Truckers which for me was one of the most fascinating real-life shows being produced and now here comes the second season that only proves how documentary shows like these are widely accepted.

The show reveals how hard it could be to be a roughneck working on these kind of dangerous jobs that can easily cost their lives. These men are deadly serious about their job because one wrong move is very critical. I cant imagine working for long hours on the oil rig where job training is practically plunking the newcomer into the rig and let him loose. Perhaps my employee review will be full of expletives and I will end up being yelled by the crew chief because of acting like idiot.

Check out the truTV BLACK GOLD characters and see how the toughest roughnecks from West Texas put all their efforts to complete an impossible job.

Do you have any idea what would be the truTV BLACK GOLD Healthcare cost involved in producing these kind of reality shows? I believe the network is responsible to any circumstances that may occur.



Danyl Johnson Audition

T he Danyl Johnson Audition- Danyl Johnson Audition is going viral as he wowed the whole world with his awesome performance of the Beatles classic, "With A Little Help From My Friends". He was performing an audition for the British counterpart of American Idol, The X-Factor and he won the heart of the judges especially Simon Cowell who apparently was very impressed with his performance and gave him a rare standing ovation.

Check out the video of Danyl Johnson from his X-Factor performance and be blown away too.


Liskula Cohen vs. Rosemary Port: Who’s Hotter?

T he name Liskula Cohen / Rosemary PortRosemary Port and Liskula Cohen cat fight has started quite a stir over the net when Rosemary Port anonymously authored a blog entitled "Skanks in NYC". She was penning the Ex Vouge model, Liskula Cohen some negatives names like ho, skanks and psychotic whore.

Therefore, it prompted Liskula Cohen to file a $3 million defamatory lawsuit where she won a ruling from court that forced Google to reveal the identity of the anonymous author of the said blog. Though at this moment, she already dropped the charges against Rosemary Port.

However, Rosemary Port wasn't showing any remorse and made a counter attack to Google suing the giant company with a $15 million federal lawsuit for “breaching its fiduciary duty to protect her expectation of anonymity”.

Liskula Cohen
Rosemary Port blog- Rosemary Port Skanks in NYC blog

Ryan Jenkins found Dead

Ryan Jenkins found Dead
M ain suspect Ryan Jenkins found Dead - It was reported over the weekend that Ryan Jenkins found Dead of apparent suicide inside a motel room in British Columbia, Canada. He was seen being dropped off in the said motel by a young woman in her 20's who was driving a silver PT Cruiser that shows an Alberta license plate.

However, the room was being paid for 2 days but when it was time to check out , Jenkins didn't show up. Therefore, the manager tried to check the occupant while entering the room and he was shocked to discover the dead body of Ryan Jenkins hanging by his belt from a coat rail, wearing t-shirt and jeans.

Ryan Jenkins was been on the run after he became the main suspect following the discovery of the lifeless body of his wife Jasmine Fiore.


Juan Diaz vs Paulie Malignaggi: Unanimous Decision

Paulie Malignaggi vs Juan Diaz
T he Juan Diaz vs Paulie Malignaggi / Paulie Malignaggi vs Juan Diaz - It was a controversial unanimous decision that brought victory to Juan Diaz after defeating Paulie Malignaggi in an action packed battle between two boxers.

However, the fight was held facing a rowdy crowd at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas that lasted to 12 rounds with final scorecards as 118-110, 116-112 and 115-113 in the favor of Diaz.

A young boxing superstar, Juan Diaz is a 35 fight veteran that made his debut as a professional boxer at the age of 17 following a stellar amateur career that saw him win 105 of 110 fights.

Jasmine Fiore fotos

T he Jasmine Fiore Fotos / Jasmine Fiore Body - Here are some of the Jasmine Fiore Fotos whose mangled body was found inside the Buena Park dumpster stuffed in a suit case. As being reported, her lifeless body was been identified by the authorities with the help of the serial numbers found in her breast implants. Good thing breast implant has its own serial numbers otherwise police will have a hard time identifying her body because it was badly mutilated plus her fingers and teeth were taken off to hinder her identification.

The main suspect of this murder case is her ex-husband Ryan Jenkins who is now a fugitive and being the subject of an international manhunt. US Marshals services are currently offering a $25,000 bounty for his whereabouts.
Jasmine Fiore fotos - Jasmine Fiore bodyJasmine Fiore fotos - Jasmine Fiore body


Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts

Oceanfront Myrtle Beach ResortsW ith all the conveniences and amenities that Myrtle Beach resorts have to offer, it can be exhausting to find one that suits your budget, style and taste. Yet a holiday spend in Myrtle Beach resort is going to be unforgettable if you sojourn in a very nice resort in the area.

The last time we visited Myrtle Beach, we opted to stay at one of the Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort where we enjoyed the privacy and relaxed atmosphere of the beach.

The advantage in staying next to oceanfront is the location of the resort which is just minutes away from famous restaurants, watering hole, attractions, nightlife, shops and activities. Plus the resort provides a great panoramic ocean view, with jacuzzis and outdoor pools, fitness center, business center and more lavish amenities in an affordable rates.

So if you and your family wish the most memorable vacation, you can visit the beautiful oceanfront Myrtle beach resort to experience the exceptional accommodations and activities the resort has to offer.


Happy Birthday to my Dear Friend Dhemz

T oday is the birthday of a dear friend of mine. I've been looking forward to this day to greet you a Happy Birthday Dhemz, your sweet novel messages always put a smile on my face every time I read it. Granted that we've yet to see each other but your amiability has taught me the genuine meaning of friendship.

And I am confident that I could call you a real friend of mine through thick and thin, honestly I am not the friendliest person on earth and I don't easily mingle with other people but with your support and understanding from all the roller coaster of my life, you stood behind me and I really appreciate that from the bottom of my heart.

Though I may not vocally demonstrate how grateful I was to all my loyal friends, that include you but deep down inside me screaming how I did appreciate all the moral support and comfort you've endowed to me.

I have actually looked at you as a knowledgeable person, to the point who is very sincere because you don't beat around the bush. I feel so lucky to have a friend like you because you allow me to express myself and correct me when I did wrong.

Just bear in mind regardless how old you become, the knowledge you've acquired will forever be young and rejuvenating in the minds of young and old alike. I just wish that your birthday be filled with promises and to your new path of being a student will be a success.

I'm pretty sure our friendship will be around forever and will blossom more better over the years to come though our friendship is only a year old, much have been done.

You deserve to enjoy your achievements of what the year past has brought, and I will be right here to witness many birthdays of you to come.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Dhemcy Dias.

Caster Semenya Photos / South African Runner Caster Semenya Video

T he Caster Semenya photos - Caster Semenya photos are trending like wildfire over the net today after her supremacy in the 800m to 1500 m heats at 2009 World Championship in Athletics. She is being labeled as the fastest sprinter this year especially in the 800m heats.

caster semenya photos
However, there is one controversy surrounding Caster Semenya's victory as her sexuality was being challenged by the Association of Athletics Federations. In my personal observation, how many female athletes who actually look like male or have the physique of men and wrestle all kind of sports ranging from boxing to soccer? There are too many to enumerate sports persons who are flat chested and more manly like Semenya, isn't it? And one point, did you see any bulge in front of her just like Lady Gaga?

This kind of innuendo about "Semenya is actually a man" is not only unpleasant but sounds like a racist to me. Why not the world just accept that a better woman excelled on her field and learn to welcome defeat amicably rather than coming up with some sort of lame excuses not appropriate for a real sportsman.


TruTV Not Reality Actuality- Action pack TV programs

T he TruTV -- TruTV channel is one of my favorite show that features real events you can ever imagine, which bring truth to their slogan that goes, it's not reality it's actuality. Personally, I admit am addicted obsessed watching their programs especially my favorites such as Forensic files and Cold Case Detective.

I love watching these programs because there are no beating around the bush, once you committed a crime the investigators are out to dig up the truth from every nook and cranny looking for clues. Its so amazing how a speck of blood , hair fibers, shoe impressions or projection of the bullet can lead them to track down the real culprits and find justice to the victims.

However, watching the world most Daring videos can get the most reaction from me and my husband. That's the moment we often catch our breath and utter with each other the words "did you see that"? The effect brought by unbelievable scenarios like car chases or crashes and dumb criminals made us glued on watching these programs that bring us into different kind of physical reactions.

Therefore, we expect more squirms and scowling facial expressions as a result of the truTV effect every time we watch some of their particular programs. Possibly its because the actions are so intense rather than fictional so we get carried away with the sequence of events.

Just keep in mind to take precaution while watching truTV for the reason that the effects are actual and the events are so real in existence, but those are the basis to keep the entertainment alive and enjoyable. So, if you wish to see more actuality, check out the truTV video available on their site or you can watch below the actual truTV effect in full vivacity.


Celine Dion is Pregnant with Second Child

celine dion is pregnant
T he speculation is finally confirmed, Celine Dion is pregnant with her second child from husband René Angélil who is 26 years older than her.

It seems like the fertility magic works for Celine Dion the second time around. She is expected to go back to the spotlight in Vegas next Fall but for time being, she will be occupied hatching her baby.

The twosome was married last 1994 and through the help of fertility expert, Celine delivered her first child last January 25th 2001 whom she named Rene-Charles Dion Angélil.

Congratulations to Celine Dion, hopefully this time she will deliver a healthy baby girl to complete the family.

'Megan Wants a Millionaire' contestant wanted for murder of Jasmine Fiore

Ryan Jenkins
I t was Ryan Jenkins who reported Jasmine Fiore was been missing for how many days before her dead body was being discovered in a dumpster stuffed inside a suitcase last Saturday in Buena Park, CA apparently being strangled to death.

The 28 year aspiring swimsuit model was last seen alive last 14th of August 2009 in her domicile together with her alleged boyfriend Ryan Jenkins.

However, Ryan Alexander Jenkins is now the subject of interest by the authorities in the murder of Jasmine Fiore but is nowhere to find. There is a possibility that he had left US already and headed to his hometown in Calgary, Canada which made the LAPD more suspicious.

Furthermore about Jenkins, he is one of the participants in the VH1 new reality show "Megan wants a millionaire". The show features Megan Hauserman dating several men in search for a rich bachelor, the particular show is still airing till now and yet to reveal the winner.

I believe that reality TV shows must emphasize in stepping up the background check or psychological profile of each contestant before casting into the show.

You can watch the video here from the episode of Megan Wants a Millionaire where Ryan Jenkins was featured.

Jasmine Fiore pictures- Ryan Jenkins- Megan wants a millionaire


Alex Da Silva charged with sexual assault - So You Think You Can Dance

B elow is the mug shot of Alex Da Silva, a salsa dance instructor and choreographer of the famed Fox series "So you think you can Dance" who was being booked by the LA police for the alleged sexual assault of 4 women.
Alex da Silva
The Brazilian-born dance instructor was accused of 2 counts of assault with intent to commit rape, 4 counts of forcible rape and 2 counts of sexual penetration by a foreign object.

The so-called assault happened between Aug 2002 and March 2009, where victims were all aspiring dancers who met da Silva through his dance instruction classes. Eventually, they have gathered solid evidences to charge him with his malicious action and is currently being held on a $6.2 million bail and will be scheduled for arraignment of Thursday.

Investing in Online Stock Market Trading

I n order to secure life financially, lot of people are taking substantial step to venture in Stock Trading for investment though the economic situation is still to recoup but it doesn't entail that no victor can be raised in these circumstances.

On the other hand, we are pleased to be cognizant how the Internet has provided a new revolution in the market place as currently, online business has revolved to be the core of everything then again, users are likewise contributing the same chances. No matter it is dealing with funds, purchasing online - everything has grown more easier in this advance world.

Moreover, the flow for the stock market has yielded a new dimension, while online trading is believed as one of the cinchest and quickest way of investment. By these type of investment options, you can spend and get some profit in a least possible period of time. Right now, there are lot of options available but could contribute confusion if you try to find the reliable online broker.

Speaking personally, we actually invested in mutual funds and individual stocks by using the service of FirstTrade. Their customer's service is exceptional and I like their online trading website because its so clean and easy to navigate. In getting their services, we don't need to be concerned how to deal with the fees once we decided to trade our FirstTrade stocks. Their intention is to offer the lowest brokerage fee in order to give assistance in growing your portfolio without being charged by additional stock trading fees.

We positively applaud this brokerage firm because of the great service they offer, so you too can visit their site at FirstTrade.com to acquire information of your online trading queries.


Gina Carano Playboy Pics

T he MMA star Gina Carano is smoking hot in her Maxim spread photo shot below. It appears that some celebrities whose career are unsuccessful or have mellowed are caught up with the direction in creating abuzz to make it to the headlines. Sex is the selling point right now, if ever your career is being overshadowed by the rise of new artists, simply promote yourself with a naked pictures and presto, you're on the news, it make sense right?

gina carano playboy pics
gina carano playboy pics

Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant Pictures

T ake a look at Kourtney Kardashian pregnant picture, she is beaming with excitement and looks pretty with baby bump, isnt it? Watch her new upcoming reality show " “Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami” that will premiere this Sunday.

kourtney kardashian pregnant pictures


Back to School Kmart One Day Sales Budget Deals

I m so happy to learn that Kmart is holding a one day sales bluelight specials this coming Saturday, 15th of August. I guess this is really a very good timing as we are in the middle of renovating our backyard, knowing that there will be a Kmart Bluelight special offers is one great way to save more money on a tight budget.

Anyway, one Kmart sales campaign that appealed to me were the ones that you purchase something and you can earn a money off coupon for the store itself , getting coupons actually save you a lot of money. And since its back to school time, shopping at Kmart Bluelight specials like kids backpacks and 70 count notebooks can really make a difference. You can also try checking kmart.com for other fantastic offers they have in store but bear in mind this is only a one day sale on Saturday.

The items on sale can be anything from jewelry to patio furniture and I am already eyeing for a patio furniture to extend our home to the outdoors that can create an intimate ambiance for family gatherings and even solitary entertainment.

So don't miss this opportunity as there are 40 great Bluelight Specials throughout the day and make sure to keep your eyes peeled in snapping a bargain.

You can learn further news and offers by following Kmart on Twitter, just search for @kmartdealsnnews.

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Who do you think Kourtney Kardashian Baby Daddy?

I t's spreading like wildfire the reports about Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant and millions of people are curious who is the daddy of her baby. The reality star is yet to disclose who is the father.
kourtney kardashian pregnant
The 30 year old Kourtney declined to comment further that she and Scott Disick are back with each other but simply quoted saying that it's better to watch her new reality show "Kourtney and Khloe take Miami" that will premiere on the 16th of August, this coming Sunday.

Perhaps another publicity stunt to boost the inquiring minds of the viewers, isn't it?

Photos of Karen Cunagin Sypher / $10 million Rick Pitino Extortion Woman

karen cunagin sypher photos
I t looks like the populace want to take a glimpse of Karen Cunagin Sypher's photos, the woman whom Rick Pitino had a fling and acknowledged to have a consensual sex last August of 2003.

So now more inquiring minds wish to check a few of Karen Cunagin Sypher pictures perhaps some peepers want to equate them with those of Rick Pitino's wife Joanne and conclude who's more pleasing in appearance. Anyway nobody knows what prompted him to disrespect his union of 27 years to indulge in such promiscuous encounter.

But his act of promiscuousness has faded in contradiction to what was the result a while later. Rick Pitino, the University of Louisville basketball coach approached the authorities last April with a version that Karen Sypher was blackmailing him for $10 million to shut her mouth about the consensual liaison.

Along a series of demands that include Rick Pitino to fill the bill for her house, purchase Sypher 2 cars and bear her regular allowance expenses, all these just to hold Sypher's tongue and remained silence.

Anyway, Karen Sypher, 49, is confronted by a combined utmost maximum retribution of 7 years in jail and a $500,000 damages whenever she will be pronounced guilty for 2 charges - extortion from Rick Pitino and being deceitful to FBI.

So guys, don't play around if you don't want to undergo a sizable financial consequences for a one night stand sex encounter.

Free Play Games Video Cheats Online

Video Games X-Play from G4
H aven't you tried playing X-Play games from G4 yet, it's actually a divine abode for gamers who love to play video games. What I like about X-play is the mere fact that you can find all the reviews from all kind of games that give you an idea which one is better. These reviews are created by professional gamers who tried out one particular game at the same time putting their insights. These reviews serve as a convenient guide to lead you in the right games that you will surely enjoy.

Aside from that, you will have the entire control on World Premiere hands-on demo, must have cheats and exclusive behind the scenes footage. Which means that you will get the foremost viewing for the games that soon to be release. I found the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (DS) as an interesting game since I did watch the movie.

The GI Joe video game is derived from its original film of the same title. The infamous Cobra has lofted a campaign to rule the world. The actions on this game are endless, as you can pick a squad from a list of 16 characters, each one of them has a particular weapons and skills.

So get ready with some of the awesome gadgets and vehicles to GI Joe universe has to offer and conquest the evils in over 20 levels, you can team up with a friend or play it by yourself to keep the excitement going. So if you are one gamer who loves video games, you should try the X-Play right away and don't miss the chance to get plugged in the best source for everything gaming.


GM: Chevy Volt Gets 230 MPG

I am confused if there is a validity about the new GM Chevrolet Volt that was being reported to snag a mind blowing 230 MPG rating in the city. Which means, if we wish to drive our way from LA to Vegas, we only need to use up one gallon of gas that will cost us $3, that's a lot of savings. If there is a truth about this triple digit MPG rating, finally America will be liberated from the Middle East country .

GM: Chevy Volt Gets 230 MPGI like the concept of driving an electric car but I am worry what will happen when its time to replace the batteries as these car batteries are surely made with some kind of corrosive materials. How will be the process of disposal for the car batteries be going, which bring to mind the last time we actually ceased using paper bags at the grocery and instead use plastic bags to save trees. So what is the unintentional repercussion of battery powered cars then?


Get a Universal Remote Control to Organize Clutter

I am so exasperated of having myriad of remote controls at home which I believe is very typical for every household. Isn't it annoying to have multiple remotes for TV, VCR, Cable, DVD, Stereo, Blu-Ray, Wii, PS2 and PS3 scattered in the coffee table in front of you. Too often, I wonder what remote I need to use when turning on the TV because of my confusion in tracking down the right remote control.

So I was certain to do something about it and I've learned that there is actually a universal remote control to reduce complexity of our entertainment system. This is the main purpose why an innovative Yamaha neoHD was been created, this is a new tool that eliminates the clutter cause by overwhelming number of remote controls you have at home.

Universal Remote Control- Organize clutter
Well, at last there is a sleek universal function remote control available that can operate any device like stereo, CD player, VCR, TV, DVD etc. I was expecting that this new device is quite challenging to use and has too many buttons but I was wrong because it amazed me how user friendly the remote is.

The remote is well designed and the brief get started book is a cinch and comprehensible which made our lives more easier, something that we never thought about. Either way, if you wish to learn further how the remote works, you can try visiting their website and get the comprehensive information you need.

Surely, the remote will cost you a little bit, but you will have a chance to get it for free if you will join Yamaha neoHD Sweepstakes .
Here are the mechanics on how to win your own neoHD:

- First off, you need to have a Tweeter account so you can start Tweeting these words “I just entered to win a #neoHD because I have too many remotes and visit (blog.izea.com) to enter”

- Or you can visit the blog.izea.com and write a comment on why you wish to have a new neoHD

It's so easy, isnt it? For further specifics, you can try checking out neoHD on Facebook.


Perseid Meteor Shower August 2009

meteor shower tonight-perseid meteor shower
A re you excited to watch the spectacular Perseids Meteor Shower later tonight? Make sure to get ready with your high tech camera as the meteor can be spotted in the eastern part of North America on 12th of August Wednesday. The meteor peak will takes place around 1:00 am EST and the other peak should be around 5:30 am EST.

The Perseid Meteor Shower is also being labeled as the "Tears of St. Lawrence" for the reason that it took place the same particular date with St. Lawrence's death on 10th of August.

If you want to witness this astonishing occurrence, you need to look toward the blackish part of the sky early in the morning EST time zones. It is estimated that the Perseid Meteors will dapple across the sky in double peak this year, so keep your head up to the outer space and have a blast watching the meteor.

Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals | Planning Your Trip

Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals
I heard so much good things about Myrtle beach in South Carolina as one of the best destination across the US territory. We normally plan for a summer vacation every year and going to Myrtle beach resort will be the top our list.

Summer vacation means frolicking in the beach and surely Myrtle beach is one great place to spend a family getaway with a broad scope of accommodations many of the Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotels have to offer.

Though a great number of vacationists come to relish and bask under the sun, their reputation as a gigantic resort area perfect for family has created Myrtle beach to be popularly known as one of the favorite destination across the country.

However, sojourning in one of the Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel is a great way to start your vacation as the hotel provide splendid amenities in addition to stay conveniently in a property with its own access to the beach.

So plan your vacation and research activities ahead to save you time and energy, actually a lot of attractions offer discounts to visitors who buy tickets in advance. A great number of Myrtle Beach Hotel even provide discount coupons on leisure activities that are found in Myrtle beach resort to give you an unforgettable summer getaway.


Morrocan Tagine Dish

Tagine - Morrocan TagineD id you hear about Tagine, I was watching "Who wants to be a Millionaire" earlier and one of the question that popped out was about Tagine, so it piqued my curiosity to google what is all about Tagine.

I've learned that a Tagine is a customary way of cooking in a certain dish or pot as shown in the picture. This kind of dish was originally found in north African grubs of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia which is being called after this special pot in which it is cooked.

For the most part, traditional Tagine pot is shaped entirely of a glazed heavy clay that made of two parts such as the flat circular base unit with low sides and a cover shaped as a large cone that rests inside the base while cooking. The dome-shaped cover is designed to bolster the return of condensation to the bottom part.

Morrocan Tagine cuisine is the most famous one and considered to be the original, being slow cooked stew braised at low temperature, to create a soft tender meat with a pungent flavor vegetable and sauce. Nowadays, you can find tangine dish made of iron and ceramic.

Solution to your Problem with Statistics Homework

D o you have difficulty in learning statistics and you need some help for Statistics Homework Answer? Once in a while students need a little bit of help from a statistics tutor or study group because they are so dense or lack of intellectual acuity to catch up with lectures taught in class. Or perhaps they failed to attend the class or want some perceptive clarification of the concepts and theories they learned from class.

However, for some students who ask help from others, they just want to accelerate their learning for better performance in school. But they need not to look any further as there is a social learning network that enables you to find an extensive and deep set materials that can give you solutions if you are struggling with your studies at school.

So if you are looking for a Statistics Textbook Solution, just go ahead and visit this site and sign up to get an instant access to any popular documents for statistics. This social learning network was created to provide students and other partners like instructors to share, support, meet and work together to speed up their understanding of course-related concepts and theories.

I believe this is a great help to fellow students who need further assistance with their homework at school as they can get feedback directly from other students who joined the group.

Keyshia Cole New Haircut Photos

keyshia cole haircut-keyshia cole shaved head
A nother celebrities hunger for attention, its Keyshia Cole who shaved her hair and added some red stars to put a twist on it. Do you still remember the line up of celebrities who shaved their head? The first one was Cassie and it was followed by Solange and Rihanna as well as the ex MTV veejay Lala.

Now Keyshia Cole is joining the band wagon for the tonsured femme celebrities. Following her shaven head will be a stint joining Rihanna to start the ball rolling tour on September. Good luck Keyshia, hopefully your new do will bring luck to your career.

Ashley Greene Nude Photo Scandal

 ashley greene pictures-Ashley Greene scandal
N ot long ago after Vanessa Hudgens naked picture scandal has surfaced the net, here is another public embarrassment exposing the Twilight star Ashley Greene after nude photos of the actress leaked online.

Sexually explicit images of Ashley Green started milling around the net this Monday morning, the same time she admitted dating Chace Crawford after the couple where captured making out at the back of the car at LA airport.

Displayed in full frontal image, her steamy photos were spreading like wildfire just in time after she walked off with her prize as the winner of the Fresh Face Teen Choice Awards.

She is the most recent star to get involved in a nude picture scandal following Vanessa Hudgens from last week hullabaloo.

Surviving Mesothelioma and other cancers

Surviving Mesothelioma
I was real clueless about Mesothelioma which is a type of cancer that occurs in the cells that line certain parts of the body particularly in the heart, the chest and belly (abdomen).

And little did I know that any exposure to asbestos can cost you to get a mesothelioma cancer. However, Asbestos is a fibrous amphibole used for making fireproof articles thus inhaling fibers can cause asbestosis or lung cancer.

Getting inflicted by this kind of disease is not easy and devastating especially to your family and relatives. I became aware the importance to have a better understanding and awareness about mesothelioma prognosis and good thing there is an available book called "Surviving Mesothelioma" written personally by Paul Krauss on his experience about his plight to fight the cancer.

Obviously, learning more information about pleural mesothelioma and other type of cancer is actually beneficial if we learn how to handle the situation. So if the book piqued your interest , you can try visiting this site SurvivingMesothelioma.com to learn further about the book for Mesothelioma.

Carl Reiner to release 2 Books

Carl Reiner to release 2 Books
A t the age of 87, Carl Reiner who is best remembered on his role in Ocean Eleven trilogy is set to release his two books with titles “Just Desserts: A Novellah” and “Tell Me Another Scary Story…But Not Too Scary” that will be hitting stores on September 1st and 29th respectively.

The first book entitled "Just Desserts: A Novellah " is a comical story of a romance writer Nat Noland who had his cage badly shaken and therefore choose to write an email to God along with his list of suggestions and he gets a reply.

While the second book "Tell Me Another Scary Story…But Not Too Scary" is the continuation of his children's book "Tell Me a Scary Story" with added CD that features Reiner narrating the story.

Great Savings for Family Vacation and Rentals

myrtle beach resort
W ay back when me and hubby were still single and dating, we used to enjoy the beaches of Myrtle Beach Resorts because of its breathtakingly beautiful beaches, night life and the awesome dining. We love frolicking in the beach and spending our summer getaway at Myrtle Beach Resort where we experienced the pure substance of leisure and relaxation.

As anticipated, the pleasure and fun commonly begin on the beach with abundant of probabilities to enjoy such as water ski sports, garnering some sea shells, eating fresh food and so on. The place has a multitude of fun activities that there is no room for boredom. We tried cruising the river boat and it was really a fun experience knowing that you spend it with your beloved.

Likewise, what appeal to me the most about Myrtle Beach Hotels are their first rate amenities and fantastic accommodations they offer. We really enjoyed our stay at Myrtle Beach and even now that we are already married, we still look forward to spend another getaway in that place. No wonder, tourists flock to spend their summer vacation on these beautiful beaches located in South Carolina.

Is Criss Angel Dead ? Watch MindFreak season 5

Criss angel - is criss angel dead
O nce again, another back fence talk is veering over the net particularly on Twitter about a query that goes, Is Criss Angel dead? Intuitively, these bruits were reportedly without merit as the illusionist was spotted at the Pure Nightclub in Vegas according to the post from his Tweeter page.

Nothing new about this rumor as we heard this kind of stories every week, but I guess this false statement was being invented to drum up the curiosity of Criss Angel's fanatics because of the final installment of his show "Mindfreak".

However, the season 5 of Mindfreak will debut on August 12th Wednesday night 10 pm.


Easy Solution in Organizing your Kitchen Staples

organize your kitchen-Pot rack
T he kitchen is the heart of our home as it is the place where we get together regularly while entertaining families and friends. I relish the idea of how a meal could make a family bonds together talking about life and sharing daily experiences.

So it is inevitable that our kitchen often gets cluttered because of a considerable amount of activity in daily basis. So I try to organize our kitchen to reduce the mess by putting all items according to its functionality.

Luckily my mom in law has introduced me to JK Adams company that sells the essentials I need for my kitchen organization. Their products really bring benefits with my cooking preparation and cut down my cleaning time. And since I love cooking, loading up great number of spices is normal but these seasonings could occupy too much space when you put in the cabinet. Same situation with our wine collections as I just put them inside the pantry. Therefore to maximize the space of my cupboard, I purchased the jk adams spice rack as well as the jk adams wine rack, now it is more easier for me to reach and find stuff while cooking.

Previously, I hate to see our cooking wares scattered inside the cabinet, but after re-designing our kitchen and installing the jk adams pot rack, it creates a big difference as my cookwares are all accessible now and I don't have to strain my back every time I reach them.

My latest purchase was the jk adams cutting board , I like this thick wood cutting board because it is very durable and can be used for a lifetime. While our utmost intent is to save space, you will be amazed how much additional items we can store with a cramped storage space by using these gadgets from JK adams aside from creating our kitchen more organized and cluttered free.

Oleophobic Coating

T his is the first time I heard the word Oleophobic, it piqued my curiosity after I've learned that the iPhone 3Gs is made of Oleophobic Coating which makes it fingerprint resistant compare to iPod Touch and iPhone models.

That is actually what I dislike about my older version iPhone 3G because of its touch screen function, it leaves too many smudges or finger marks all over especially when my little whiner is playing with it.

But with the new released Oleophobic Coating iPhone 3Gs, this kind of issue is eliminated, no more annoying smudges and finger print marks. That's why Im switching my iPhone 3G to iPhone 3Gs very soon, good excuse isnt it?

Angel Stadium Tickets Available Online

Angel Stadium Tickets-Dodger Stadium Tickets
M ore baseball aficionados have the reason to rejoice watching their favorite team in the ballpark as buying baseball tickets has never been easier than before. Too often, some people choose the route of scalpers but their prices are way too high therefore we always consider buying tickets at acheapseat.com as they give you the hottest deal on premium Angel Stadium Tickets as well as the Dodger Stadium Tickets in daily basis.

I guess everybody realized that these tickets are considered as one of the difficult tickets to achieve from many ticket booths. Because of the overwhelming popularity of baseball, tickets are often gone swiftly. But thinking we have a secondary market in buying tickets, we feel rest assured that their availability can be certain plus an option to purchase the premium ones with the lowest possible price.

Moreover, at acheapseat.com, comprehensive schedules for Baseball, football, soccer, tennis and a lot more are being provided for your convenience along with venue seating charts and tour information. Plus they give you the show time and information of the entire dates for Comedy, Broadway theater and Festivals.

Lastly, if you wish to purchase the Minute Maid Park Tickets at the same time, you can go visit their website to check what are the schedule and date of events that are in stored. So if you fail to get the landing tickets for a certain game, you can always try acheapseat.com, surely you'll never miss out the chance in getting tickets for your favorite team.

Chino Prison Riot

W e live not far away from Chino, CA but I was unaware about the Chino Prison riot that erupted this weekend after a Hispanic and African American detainees were involved in a strife and began a fight while others followed suit that prompted other prisoners to get embroiled thus clashing along racial lines.

It was reported that over 50 inmates were injured during the Saturday riot that occurred at the California Institute for Men, Chino Los Angeles. The commotion actually lasted for four hours as guards struggled to suppress the fighting that began around 9:24 am Saturday.

The medium-security facility are not segregated or divided into racial or ethnic groups therefore racial violence has plague the California jail system for long time when various gangs wage war for power.


Install Home Security Systems at Home to curtails Burglaries

Home Security Systems
M ore break ins and burglaries could happen any time in your home, that's why more people opted to install home security systems especially when they moved to a new place. Everyday crimes undoubtedly dominating the headlines in that event, social awareness and precautions are essential in our daily life.

Giving all these kind of situation, demands for home security has doubled considerably while gaining public interest. As long as there is an opportunity to break in to your home, burglars don't designate which property to intrude. So don't wait until you will be the next target, make sure to set up a Home Security Surveillance System to your home.

As a homeowners, having a visible security system at home makes you feel secure and safe as you are less likely be exposed to any burglar occurrence. For the reason that uninvited intruders are being warned before they can accomplish any unlawful action to a particular property.

Apart from that, it restricts the tendency of property loss or even the lives of the member of your family. The main purpose of installing the home security is to eliminate burglaries and continually sending them the clue that they are being watched.

Heidi Montag dirty Playboy Cover Pictures

heidi montag playboy - heidi montag playboy photos
T he most hated star of "The Hill", Heidi Montag is back in the news after she uncovered her latest photospread in September's issue of Playboy magazine coated with dirt and clad in white bikini along with a bunny logo imprinted on her tummy.

While the rest of her Playboy photos need to be made public once the spread will hit the newsstands next month. Though Heidi's naughty aficionado may be in disappointment as she will not bare it all, which means no frontal nudity on her behalf.

Comprehensive Car Reviews in Buying Online

car reviews- car buying online
G enerally, when people think about purchasing a new car, their first thought is normally head directly to the local dealer. But for some reasons, little they know that they should do a bit of research beforehand as there are plenty of sites dedicated on car reviews and recommendations especially if they are looking for new cars.

Make sure that you are cognizant and well informed before you proceed to your plan in buying your next vehicle, in that case it would be easier to decide what model suits your needs and budget.

Just couple of months ago my brother in law did purchase a new Mercedes Benz glk" car for his wife after she was been driving a Scion tc car for how many years. However, before he purchased that car, he did his homework by checking some websites that provide car reviews along with price quotations. Determining the recommended price for the car you are interested gives you a comparison with the dealer's selling price and it helps you negotiate further.

As a matter of fact, the first two cars that caught his attention are the BMW X6 as well as the Dodge Durango. He was so impressed with the reviews of these cars but yet his wife likes the mercedez so he decided to purchase that model instead.

Indeed, checking the car reviews is really a big plus when buying a car, online research gives you extra time and be informed about your dream car as well as giving you opportunity to view cars in various context plus it broadens your search that ensures you in getting a great deal available.


Autopsy: Cocaine Played a Role in Billy Mays' Death

Cocaine killed TV pitchman Billy Mays
T he Hillsborough County released the autopsy reports that shows pitchman Billy Mays has used cocaine that contributed to his sudden death last June.

According to reports, despite the fact that Billy Mays died from heart attack while asleep, cocaine used was responsible for the cause of his death.

Billy Mays became a household name with his energetic commercials peddling gadgets and cleaning products and like Oxi Clean, Orange Glo, Mighty Putty and dozens more.
He was a pop culture fixture easily noticed by his blue shirt and thick beard.