Khloe Kardashian Wedding pics

Khloe Kardashian wedding pic / Khloe Kardashian peta / Khloe Kardashian / Khloe Kardashian pictures / ok magazine

Now Khloe Kardashian wedding pictures are off the shelves courtesy of OK Magazine who snagged the rights to exclusively publish their wedding pictures with a price tag of $300k.

Khloe was wearing a Vera Wang gown and was accompanied down the aisle by Bruce Jenner who is famously known as his stepfather along with her sisters. So Khloe Kardashian is stealing the limelight from sister Kim with her whirlwind romance with Lamar Odom that is being sealed with a wedding rites last Sunday. Hopefully their union will last at least for couple of years.

Khloe Kardashian Wedding pics


School Lockers for your Valuable Items

Lockers are safe storage for many uses. We normally store valuable items or personal items to keep away from theft for temporary use. These days lockers are essential in our daily lives.

Students need school lockers to lock up their personal belongings, like books and lunch snacks. Without school lockers, every student must carry all books to every class which is very inconvenience. There are also gym lockers for fitness center, training facility, sports club or recreational center. Gym lockers are necessary for students for quick changes and store their personal belonging aside from books.

There are various types of lockers available in the market and most of school lockers and gym lockers are made of metal. It comes in different sizes and colors for school lockers. Most of the time, gym lockers are much smaller than school hallway lockers. The wood lockers are normally seen in gym lockers particularly in health clubs and saunas. However, just because it is wood lockers doesn’t mean it is made of wood, some wood lockers are simply wood laminated to create a different appearance.

If one is interested in purchasing a locker, the colors and sizes doesn’t really matter, there are plenty of lockers for sale available online and many places will give discounts for overstock, shapes and colors depending with your requirements.

Britney Spears 3 lyrics

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N ew single of Britney Spears was being released Tuesday 29th of September, the cut will be featured on her greatest hits album " The Singles Collection" which is set to be off the shelves on the 24th of November. The purpose of this new album collection is to celebrate Britney Spears 10 years in music world since the release of her original first single " Baby one more time".

Surely the new single of Britney Spears will hit the Top 10 on the Billboard the same thing when she released "Baby one more time" long time ago that catapulted her on the stardom. It piqued the curiosity of the whole world seeing her clad in a sexy school girl uniform.

The track is produced by longtime Britney Spears collaborator Max Martin who is also the producer of the "Baby one more time" single. The new song is a catchy dance track with provocative lyrics and is now creating a stir as people start to search Britney Spears 3 lyrics.

Britney Spears 3 lyrics


Unique Fashion at Talbots - Classic Fashions for Women of Every Size

Last couple of weeks, I got hooked watching red chair confessions videos that could really piqued your curiosity. It was indeed fun guessing what will be the next revelations but was clueless who was behind these fun videos taking the net by storm. So I was surprised to realize that the company behind this campaign was Talbots. Yes, the same Talbots that helped my Mom and grandma dressed up in many occasions wearing stylish yet classic clothing.

Upon checking their website, I was pleasantly amazed how Talbots did a big change on their approach as granny style clothing are gone which are being replaced by chic and trendy clothes for young and old alike. I was impressed and kept on browsing that prompted me to purchase these new pair of riding boots which I fell in love at first sight.

After browsing more from their site, I found a set of red berry trench coat that gave me another reason to buy a new coat since fall season is just around the corner. Red is one great fall color and I wish to update my basic wardrobe with chic and trendy look. I was actually tempted to buy more stuff but I need to control my shopping spree otherwise I would be in trouble.

Overall, I was strucked with their collections and I have reasons to keep on coming back to Talbots as their items are up to date yet classic and fresh looking in style. Their prices are affordable but depending on the material of the items, their clothing has a unique style that fits well in size. I guess that's one advantage in shopping at Talbots.



Spanish Prime Minister s Daughters

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T he Spanish Prime Ministers Daughters Photo – As the daughter of high ranking government official, kids are normally being concealed from the public eyes to avoid

Some people have questions in their mind why the daughters of Spanish Prime Minister dressed like Gothic style. Yet it is understandable just like most teens would do getting involved with Gothic thing but perhaps the world is not accustomed seeing the children of world leader to dress up like that, isnt it?

Myrtle Beach Golf Packages Vacations

Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations
N ot too long ago, I was talking with my close friend who recently moved to New York with her family. It took us more than an hour babbling over the phone about the whereabouts of our families and she did mention that they just came back from their recent summer Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations.

I heard so much positive reviews about the Myrtle Beach Golf Packages and my friend was telling me how these vacation packages brought them pleasure while helping her in saving money by booking their tee-times and lodging all together.

Surely the Myrtle Beach Golf is one extraordinary place with well manicured landscapes and beautiful golf courses that attracts more tourists from all over the globe. The place is widely known as one of the most thrilling and thought provoking golf courses in US that boasts unique holes in the world of golf. Spending your vacation at Golf Myrtle Beach which is located at the Grand Strand area golf courses is one unforgettable experience that will last forever.

We've spent our summer vacation at Myrtle Beach couple of times already and we can vouch that the place is highly recommended especially when it comes to their amenities and luxurious accommodations that will surely make your vacation a perfect bonding time with the family. So if you have plans going somewhere else for a vacation, I believe you should try to visit Myrtle Beach instead and for sure your family will enjoy the beach and the endless entertainment over there.

Derrion Albert Video Uncut Released to Internet

Derrion Albert / Derrion Albert video / Derrion Albert myspace / Derrion Albert beating video / Derrion
Derrion Albert Video

I don't understand understand why a 16 year old honor student, Derrion Albert was savagely attacked and beaten to death in his way home from school in Chicago last week. The said incident was captured on a camera phone and the video goes viral over the net. The reason why he was targeted its because he refused to become a member of the gang.

CNN did broadcast the said video and made it public to create national awareness to people that sort of brutality is not being tolerated.

If you wish to watch Derrion Albert Video, just click the link.


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Khloe Kardashian Wedding pictures

Khloe Kardashian/ Khloe Kardashian wedding/ Kourtney Kardashian/ Lamar Odom/ Khloe kardashian wedding dress

Khloe Kardashian's wedding pictures were sold to OK! magazines for exclusive release off the shelves soon. As you know, Khloe Kardashian and her sisters became a household name after their hit reality TV series Keeping up with the Kardashians and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami.

Her whirlwind romance with Lamar Odom is already sealed with marriage as the couple decided to tie the know after a month of dating. Their wedding ceremony was held at the home of the music mogul Irving Azoff and to be followed by a Hollywood night-club theme for the reception.

For sure, lot of people would be curious to see the wedding pictures of Khloe Kardashian, what kind of wedding dress did she wear, who were the guests aside from her famous sisters Kim and Kourtney.
Khloe Kardashian Wedding pictures


Online Shoe Stores - Great Way to Save Money

T he convenience of internet has evolved with the advantage of giving us a much more easier life than before. If you wish to purchase something, you don't need to hit the stores to get one. So every time I would search for a pair of shoes, I often rely with the Internet.

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I admit shoes are my weakness, every time I see new style of shoes, my hands get itchy to check where can I find that particular style and just grab it instantly, that's how I'm addictive to shoes. I have my closet filled with different type of shoes such the like of golf shoes, stilettos, wedge shoes, bike shoes you name it, I guess I have accumulated plenty of shoes.

Basically, I dont wear them that much and my collection of shoes have been sitting there for years because the styles are constantly changing as well as my favorites. So I often check these guides where I can find the newest style and fashion I've been searching for.

Christine Paolilla / Clear Lake murders

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Christine Paolilla

Why would Christine Paolila killed her friends?

In July 18th, 2003 four young people murdered with multiple shots. Two of the victims were Christine Paolila’s best friends. It has been mystery for years that would have done gruesome murders and police got final break after 3 years later when someone called gave the name of two people, Christine and Chris Snider. Christine was arrested right after and was charged with murder while her boyfriend Chris committed suicide when he found out police were chasing him. The question still lies why would Christine killed her best friends?

Many believed that Christine’s harsh life style during childhood was the main cause. When she was only 2 years old, her father never came home after being killed by bricks on the construction site in New York City. Her grandpa and great-grandmother also passed away few months later.

Christine was living with question like “Mommy, I don’t understand…why is it that people I love go away?” After Christine’s father passed away, her mother was addicted to drugs to relieve from her pains and loss of her husband. At age 7, Paolila went to live with her grandparents. During her kindergarten year, she was diagnosed with hair-loss condition called alopecia. With the wig and thick eyeglasses, Christine’s childhood’s life wasn’t normal.

It wasn’t until High School, Christine felt normal when she met two popular girls Tiffany and Rachael. Both of her friends treated her like a best friend. With them, Christine was comfortable without wearing a wig. Another offset of having two best friends, Christine had a boyfriend, Snider, in which her parent didn’t approve. He had body piercing, spike hair and known to use drugs and was concerned for Christine’s parent.

With unknown murder in 2003, a video tape of interrogation on 2006 revealed that Christine was forced to shoot her friends by her boyfriend. Christine also mentioned that her friend beaten up Rachel to death and threatened Christine to do the same thing if she told police.

However, there were different story told by Rott, who later married to Christine. He told police that it was Christine who beaten up Rachel with a gun and she did join when her boyfriend started shooting. In Sept 2008, Christine was convicted life in prison in women’s penitentiary in Texas.

Charter Sweepstakes Free 2010 Camaro 2SS

Another popular campaign from Charter Communications right now as you'll have the opportunity to enter the Camaro Sweepstakes and get the chance to win a 2010 Camaro 2SS (sales tax inclusive). This is the most elusive car in the US with a 426 hp and you will get it for FREE from Charter.


Charter is very generous in giving away lot of prizes, I remember the last time they were giving away laptops for 2 months in daily basis and now they have switched to a much grander prize which is the Camaro 2SS.

The Charter contest was initiated since 15th of September and will end on the 26th of November , so you still have one month of time to join if Charter is available in your area. Moreover, aside from the grand prize, you can get a gift card worth $100 when you buy 3 Charter services, $50 gift card for 2 services, and $25 gift card when you buy 1 Charter service which come from major retailers in home, clothing restaurants and department stores.

Surely, Charter is serious to outpace the industry in unwrapping interesting contests from giving away HDTV to Xbox 360 and Hybrid Car. So don't miss any updates from Charter on Facebook and make sure to follow Charter on Twitter.

Go ahead and visit the charter.com/camaro to register your name and learn further the mechanics of this contest.


Khloe Kardashian engagement ring

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Khloe Kardashian engagement ring
Khloe Kardashian was spotted showing off her 9 carat engagement ring just 2 days before she bids goodbye to single hood. The bride to be will tie the knot to the LA Lakers Lamar Odom this coming Sunday.

She celebrated her bachelorette party at Viceroy Santa Monica while the groom to be did his party with friends at the West Hollywood lounge Guys and Dolls.


Win a brand new LG Bliss phone

A nother great campaign from LG wherein they offer facebook members to discover their blissfulness by joining the contest and get the chance to win a new LG Bliss phone. The mechanics of the contest are pretty much simple, all you have to do is to post a video or any ugly picture on their LG Bliss Facebook Fan Page and you can enter to win one brand new LG Bliss phone.

Plus $50 worth of gift card will be given away to 50 lucky winners being picked up . However, the contest will run till 6th of November 2009 so you still have ample time to find the ugliest picture you can ever imagine and upload it on your Facebook page.

You need to be of legal age to be qualified to enter this contest and one facebook account for one entry is allowable. Moreover, make sure to avoid uploading videos or images with ugly demeanor like immorality or obscenity as they are considered ineligible while pictures of people are not accepted.
LG Bliss phone
Don't forget to browse the Gallery of the Utterly Ugly where you can find people's ugly leave-behind such the like of Mutant Machines, Ugly Wonders of nature, Trashy Trends and Ugly mobiles to name a few. So if you are interested to win a new LG Bliss phone, feel free to post any ugly images or videos at www.Facebook.com/LGBliss, who knows you may be the lucky winner.


Raymond Clark iii facebook / Raymund Clark Arrested

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Raymond Clark iii facebookF ollowing the discovery of Annie Le's body, the main suspect of her murder case was arrested this morning at the Connecticut Super 8 motel where he temporarily sojourned.

The Lab Technician at Yale was the subject of interest after he was linked to the murder of Annie Le and has been implicated through the bits of evidence found in the crime scene. However, when Raymund Clark was arrested for questioning, authorities found some defensive wounds on him, the type that can be obtained when being fought off during an attack.

It was further indicated that the swipe key records as well as the video surveillance were pointing to Clark and Le who were working at the same vicinity shortly after 10 am, which was the time Annie Le was last seen on the video camera and she never seen coming out from the building.

Though the victim wasn't sexually assaulted, the cause of her death was strangulation and her murder was declared to be an instance of workplace violence. Raymund Clark will be facing charges and set on a $3 million bail bond.

Gold Bullion and Gold Coins

Gold Bullion-Gold Coins
To the most feasible extent, we often purchase gold coins that make it as our favorite souvenir for celebrations or marriage ceremonies since gold is one customary form of investment.

We all knew that in the beginning, there were no possible options of investment other than land. Yet, most people found gold as the most liquid asset because it was easier to market gold in every places contrary to land investment.

Gold at every point, continues to attract a great deal of investment although there are good alternative assets available.
For the reason that gold is considered as a commodity, once you purchase gold, you'll have a currency that has been evolving in the market for more than 5,000 years.

Sensible diversification in the overall portfolio involves gold possession therefore our broker has suggested investment diversification. So to learn further for our basic needs, we visited the site of GoldCoinGain.com as they provide the full range of bullion products as well as gold coins.

Furthermore, Gold can be done through IRA transfer or it can be added to your portfolio of bonds, stocks and cash. You can purchase gold bullion or purchase gold coin from the United States Mint. More people acknowledged that gold are their #1 options for the pension plans, 401K or IRA.

Overall, if you have some spare cash and you've been planning to purchase bullion , I believe its the perfect time for you to entrust your savings to gold and go for it. If the market gets though like what we are experiencing right now, precious metal seems to be an ideal investment.

Susan Boyle wild horses video

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S Susan Boyle is back once again and never fails to capture the heart of America after a powerful rendition of the cover song from Rolling stones "Wild Horses". She was applauded after hitting the high note on the first part and a standing ovation after her unbelievable performance on America's got talent finale.

If you wish to watch her performance last night, just check it out here.

iLasik Video Contest

If you are someone who enjoys participating in a contest I guess it's your chance to join the ongoing campaign sponsored by Abbott Medical Optics Inc. (AMO). The company is widely known for leading the laser vision correction and they are reaching out in order to learn how they could enhance or alleviate people lives. This is the main purpose of the iLASIK Video Contest and they want you to be a part of it.


The mechanics of the contest are very simple, first and foremost you should submit a 90 seconds video that shows how better vision can really help in improving your lifestyle. However, there are 3 categories for your reference and you can follow any of them as stated below:

  • “My contacts are getting in the way of my good time”
  • “My favorite activity or sport or would be so much cooler with better vision”
  • “You should see life after the iLASIK® Procedure”
With the following prizes such as:
  • $ 5,000 for the Grand Prize winner
  • Three 1st Prize winners (one per video category) to win the HDTV package worth $2,500
  • Three 2nd Prize winners (one per video category) to win the Flip UltraHD™ camcorder worth $199.99
Be imaginative and be artistic in creating videos you wish to submit by choosing any categories from the above mentioned. Make sure to spread the news and let your friends be aware that voting for your video will give you more chances to snag the prizes. The contest will be running till 10th of December 2009.

So go ahead and check out their website at www.GottaSeeThisNow.com to learn more about the mechanics of this contest. Who knows, you will be the lucky winner to grab the first prize.



Shakira on America s got talent Video Youtube

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I was totally amazed after watching Shakira's stunning performance on America's Got Talent finale last night. People cant stop talking about her powerful and provoking performance that really live up to a great expectation. The sensational singer took the stage with a bang wearing super tight black pants and top along with the backdrop of electric guitars.

You should watch her video here and be amazed with her performance that night.


Wine Glass Rack

wine glass rack
T he Wine glass racks are designed to protect your fine stemwares and the most common racks being used are the hanging wine glass rack s to store your glasses in a vertical position. It can protect the stemware by hanging it in an upright position while the rack holds the base.

I always use the wine glass rack because it is very handy especially if we are running out of cupboard space in the kitchen. They are designed for storage in kitchen cupboards, cabinets, above bars or racks hanging overhead. Contingent on the circumference of the base and the stem or dimensions of wine glass itself, suspended wine glass racks fit most wine glass stemware.

Normally, wine glass rack is made from a different sort of metal while some are constructed of woods. I love the wine and glass rack combination because they make an interesting display and very convenient. They are available in wall mounted, overhead hanging or cart type combination that can accommodate wine bottles for storage.

Tom Cruise Cameron Diaz

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Tom Cruise Cameron Diaz
T Tom Cruise and my favorite Cameron Diaz are working together for a romantic comedy film entitle Wichita.

The movie with the working title Wichita follows a single woman portrayed by Cameron Diaz whole life is interrupted repeatedly by a good looking secret agent played by Tom Cruise.

Im sure this will be a big hit because Cameron is considered as a veteran especially in comedy scene just what she did in her other films.

Cant wait to watch their tandem, surely this will be a real feel good movie with a comedic twist. I'm not sure when is the playing date of their movie but I guess this will be showing by early next year.


Maximize Your Trade Show Success

trade show exhibits
G etting involved in Trade show exhibits is one of the effective and fastest way of making your business be known to lot of potential customers. However, it brings tremendous opportunity to advertise or market your products and services straight off to the consumers.

Participating in Trade show exhibit is also one good source to gather purchasing information and generates more leads which serves as an effective way to reach with lot of consumers therefore going to trade shows is worth any investment.

But you need to understand that creating an effective trade show needs a good planning to maximize good leads. You should plan how to design your booth and how much budget you are willing to spend for the trade show to achieve a memorable, powerful marketing initiatives during the event. Establishing significant target while skillfully arrange your plan of action and utilizing effectively Tradeshow exhibit accessories like graphics, lighting, banners, booth design materials can really help to intensify your visibility and drive more sales.

Annie Le suspect

Annie Le / Annie Le body found / Annie Le professor / annie le suspects /who killed annie le
Annie Le suspect
The news about Annie Le disappearance hit the headlines last week and last Sunday, her lifeless body was found inside a Yale university laboratory basement.

She was last seen on the 8th of September when she swiped her Yale identity card to get in the vicinity of the building while her image was being captured by the surveillance camera yet she was never seen coming out then.

After her body was identified, the authorities are not focusing on one person as the subject of interest for this case. The police said that her death was not a random act and suspect may have known her.

After thoroughly combing the building, the police found her body squeezed into a wall that hold utility cables and is also a part of the university medical complex.

Big Revelation on Red Chair Confessions

I admit am getting hooked watching the viral Youtube videos called Red Chair Confessions , I did watch the three videos so far and I have a good time guessing and looking forward what was to be revealed in the next video.

I believe many of us have made their part in speculating or guessing game like noticing her outfits, peachy scarfs that were brought altogether in each version. In the couch video, I spotted her psychiatrist was jotting down words like necklace, scarf and bag and it gave me the impression that it must be a company selling accessories online.

But my guess was totally wrong as finally the company behind this viral ad campaign was being revealed after disclosing the woman secret addiction was all about Talbots. The same company who dressed my mom and I've driven past for how many times but never checked it out for the thought that it was a store designed for grandmas and Moms. But the truth is, Talbos have reinvented anew to cater more affordable, chic and fun place to shop. A place where young ladies and fashionable mom like me could happily visit and shop around.

Overall, I guess the ad campaign was brilliant as they really made people wonder and pique their curiosity. That's the reason that I immediately checked the Talbot's website to check their latest products and I was taken aback to see the changes on their clothing that look more modern, hip and affordable. Their shoes section caught my attention instantly as I fell in love with the range of shoes available in their site. Talbots has shaken off my first impression that the store is only for cantankerous old dame.

Lastly, please check out the revelation video below or you can visit the Talbot site to look for your favorite clothes and accessories.


Serena Williams outburst video

Serena Williams / Serena Williams outburst / Venus Williams outburst Video/ Serena williams tennis/ s williams tennis

We spent the last weekend watching the US open and have witnessed the meltdown of an ace tennis player, Serena Williams. She made the headlines after losing her cool with one of the line judges and was fined an amount of $10,000 by US Open officials. Her outburst at the semi-final match was actually a big mistake as she lost her game to Kim Clijsters.

So if you missed the match last weekend, check out Serena Williams video below about her tirade that cost her $10,500 fine and the chance to win the US Open finals.


Repair Bad Credit Report

The reason why you stumbled upon here, it's because you have a bad credit and you wish to know how to fix your credit. In this tough economy, more people increasingly wish to learn how does credit repair works or simply want to know how to improve their credit score.

Everybody is aware that establishing a good credit history seems to be more important in present day's lifestyle for the reason that rules appear to keep on changing that make us difficult to prosper except when we hold excellent or at most a good credit history.

Having a good credit is significant in order to apply for loans or credit cards, receive student loans, rent property as well as getting a job. It's almost impossible to make purchases in some places if you don't own a credit card nowadays.

But the fact is, we all experience wax and wane in our lives that commonly heightens to disappointments and all the worries we favor to keep off but the good news is, more of us are adept in getting quickly back on their feet. Yet, regardless how bad your credit is, you can carry off some actions to make it better.

Sad to say that there few people who inclined toward preying on our insecurities and plenty of credit repair companies offer frauds that you should just take for granted. But there are some respected established credit repair companies like ovation credit repair who offers complete, personalized and proven credit repair programs.

If you decided to choice their service, they can help you adjust your credit repair program that is exactly beneficial to improve your credit situation and goals. They have successful programs that actually help thousands of people by correcting and updating their credit profiles that resulted to higher credit scores.

I believe it's your best investment you will ever make once you will be able to get your credit profile back amongst the best.


Yvette Prieto / Michael Jordan Girlfriend

Yvette Prieto wiki / Yvette Prieto photos / michael jordan / Michael Jordan girlfriend / who is michael jordan dating

H ere are the photos of Yvette Prieto together with Michael Jordan. The cuban model is currently pregnant courtesy of Michael, perhaps that's the reason they recently purchased a modest house in Miami, Florida as their love nest together with Jordan 3 children from his ex-wife Juanita.

Yvette Prieto PHOTOS
Michael Jordan Girlfriend

Baby Proofing Basics Made Easy For Every Parent

B eing a new parents, we were aware that it is essential to protect the welfare of our baby now a toddler, so we created a safe environment for him by child proofing our home as it is a great way to keep our baby safe from harm.

The basic in creating a safer home for our baby is to be cognizant with any prevention in any worst case scenario. Certainly there is no chance to predict and avoid every accident in our child's life but baby proofing our home can greatly reduce the risk of serious injury.

To start with, we tried to look what are the general things that have potential dangers like examining each room, kitchen and stairs along with choking hazards and electricity. Surely, we understand that there are plenty of proofing tasks that require to be done for every room.

So we started purchasing the child safety gates to make sure our toddler is safe for exploration and curiosity. We feel at ease in installing baby gates and pet gates as well as the extra wide baby gates that are perfectly fitted across the entrance way to rooms particularly into the doorway of our home office.

We did re-organized our household storage for medicines and stored them in a cupboard higher enough to be out of reach from my toddler. We made sure that all tiny and seemingly harmless objects such as coins, candy, pen lids or small toys are securely locked in its proper place away from the little fingers.

As our baby becomes more mobile, being thorough in every baby proofing techniques is one important factor in our home. But surely no home is entirely child proof but as long as you entrusted yourself to be more watchful and flexible, your attempts to an accident free environment is well worth it.


Watch TruTV with caution

W atching truTV show is truly amazing. There are times I would shriek or close my eyes because of what is going next to happen. It is understandable I guess because everyone has their own sensitivity, my normal reaction would be turning my head to other side or have my eye half closed with my teeth tight. I love watching truTV because they are not only showing the painful accidents but sometimes they feature those amazing clips that are not accident related in other words, at least nobody got hurt.

The Smoking Gun clip is probably the most explicit image showing close up details and not appropriate for children. If the images were from the distance without the close up, then it would be okay to view it. However the images on the Smoking Gun clip are so graphical being shown in slow motion on how human body being twisted caused by sudden impact. At first I didn’t know what was going on with the clip, thought it was just normal dirt bike accident but watching the slow motion, that was a big ouch! The body twisting was too much to show on TV.

Some of the scene in truTV are little more graphical for viewers and need to be cautioned for those weak hearted. Someone breaking their arms or legs in slow motion is something I cannot watch besides it's a real video without being edited. For the reason that the videos are real, there is definitely more feelings while watching it.

You can check out this truTV video and get the excitement and fun of a real life TV show.


Good Morning America Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin Good Morning America / Good Morning America show / Jon Gosselin good morning America interview / Jon Gosselin gma / Jon gosselin on good morning America

C heck out the Good Morning America primetime Family Secrets interview with John Gosselin being broadcasted earlier. For the first time after the controversial divorce from ex wife Kate Gosselin, the patriach of TLC show "Jon and Kate + 8 " speaks his heart out. He divulged some information like he was verbally abused during his marriage and he despised Kate while cannot stand sitting with her in the sofa during interviews.

Well, they should have thought that before they decided to put their actual lives on display for the audiences to gloat at. Now you cant grumble about being gawked on TV because you already got paid.

Have you seen Therapist - check out Red Chair Confession

After couple of weeks have passed, an additional confession has came up from the Red Chair Confessions . This time, the person appears to be at odds while her tone is somehow very much alike from the previous confession where she was talking to a priest inside a confession booth.

Anyway, she gave me the impression of a relaxed woman talking to her therapist this time while babbling some of her problems. But she abruptly cut the session albeit the request from her therapist that she should pay for a full session just the same.

The lady seemed to keep her confession a top secret as she used her personal web cam at home and managed to record her elaborated confession in front of the camera. She put a time line for her secrets while saying she was bored and confused in searching for something.

After a while, she narrated how she pledged to herself not to do it again however, amidst to her recording, suddenly she stood up saying she is late for one particular thing. She hastily went off while unknowingly left her web cam on that caused to capture a small voice that said " Mom? I'm home".

So the whole picture seems to thicken with confusion as she just unintentionally unfolded that she is not only a young woman involved with some thing. She is actually a mom who perhaps wanted to get out of responsibility as a parent while leaving her home unattended when her kid reached home from school.

Stay tuned for her next confession as the truth may come out revealing her real issue. Yet, I cant figure out if she is having an affair or simply she is a crazy woman who has a shopping urgency or something in her mind.

Anyway, try to check out the video and judge for yourself whether we think the same way about her or you can go ahead and check more confessions at redchairconfessions.com


Joe Wilson South Carolina

Joe Wilson South Carolina / Joe Wilson Congress / Joe Wilson You Lie / Congressman Joe Wilson / You lie

On Sept 9, 2009 when president Obama was addressing health care reform, Joe Wilson yelled “You Lie!” to Obama. The whole nation was watching when Wilson, Republican from South Carolina, yelled to President as he was making statement about health-care reform for illegal immigrants.

Many who watched was shocked to see what they just witnessed. Two people, Joe Wilson and President Obama, were main focal point as nation watched. Many saw and thought what Joe Wilson did was inappropriate and asked to apologize for his action. Joe did apology from Wilson’s office.

Joe Wilson quoted as saying “This evening, I let my emotions get the best of me when listening to the President’s remarks regarding the coverage of illegal immigrants in the health car bill……. While I disagree with the President’s statement, my comments were inappropriate and regrettable. I extend sincere apologies to the president for his lack of civility.” As many witnessed Joe’s inappropriate action, many also praised what Joe did.

Hottest Party in Vegas - TruTV Rehab

A friend told me that there is a new truTV's Rehab show that premiered last 1st of September. I was unaware about this show so I asked my friend what is her thoughts about it and why she likes watching it. She then explained that "Rehab" is a giant pool party at Hard Rock hotel in Las Vegas that tackles about the staff who keep the party-goers safe while the party keeps rolling.

Animated by her description about the show, it piqued my curiosity to watch the show and see for myself. I could feel how chaotic the party is but I was amazed how the staff keep the security under control while being conscientious with their high rollers customers.

Though Im not a party animal person but I can relate with the staffs on how they totally deal with some absurd and boozed up people. But what makes the Rehab party hot mainly because of the tons of good looking party-goers and celebrity performers frolicking around the pool area. My friend told me that people wait and line up just to get in and enjoy the hottest party at the pool.

We had an amazing time partying at Vegas when me and hubby were still dating and Vegas is indeed a place to paint the town red. Anyway, my friend told me some crazy stories about the Rehab like the barkeeper and waitress made some serious dough per week from the high rollers who caper around the party to make their presence visible.

However, for me I can identify myself with the staff who secure the party though few people are most likely to live vicariously through the beautiful people on the show. I am more interested to see the show focusing on those people instead of putting more attention to those pretty party goers because it serves as an example what real life TV is all about.

So check out for yourself the new craze in TruTV called "Rehab" or you can join the sweepstakes by visiting this site { http://www.getrehabready.com/index.html#link } to learn more about the specific of the contest. Who knows, you'll may be the lucky person to win a chance to party like a rock star at Rehab in Las Vegas.



Obama School Speech video

Obama school speech / Obama school speech live / Obama school speech transcript / Obama school speech time / Obama school speech text

I f you are in search for the President Obama's school speech to children, take a look at the video embedded below.

I guess Obama did a good job in delivering his speech as he inspired and impressed lot of high school children in Virginia. He emphasized to concentrate more on studies instead of spending the whole day playing Xbox or watching TV.


Affordable Hotel deals at Maine

Affordable Hotel deals at Maine
W e always enjoy a carefree vacation particularly during summer and among the states that we are planning to explore next year is Boothbay Harbor Maine. This is actually my hubby's idea to put this place on our top list after his friend's family had spent a summer vacation at Boothbay Harbor.

Maine is widely known for its panoramic view with its rocky coastline, rolling mountains and of course the seafood cuisine. We all love to dine out particularly lobsters and crabs and this place has a lot to offer especially the famous marine restaurant called Brown’s Wharf Inn where you can fish off the docks, watch live lobsters in their home environment.

The Boothbay Harbor Inn is a relaxing place just in time to witness the leaves change into their autumn colors while enjoying the scenic view stippled with fishing boats and crafts. Cant wait to step my feet off the ground at Maine soon.


Sam Bradford of Oklahoma / Out for Injury

Sam Bradford Injury / Sam Bradford hurt/ Sam Bradford Injury Update / Sam Bradford girlfriend / Sam Bradford injured

D o you think the dream of Sam Bradford, quarterback for Oklahoma is being shattered? Sam Bradford was injured during the first half game with BYU on Sept 5, 2009 as he was hit hard by Coleby Clawson. Sam Bradford did not return afterward.

His team went on with freshman quarterback Landry Jones but was very unfortunate when the other team touchdown in last three minutes. With having major injury to the team, Oklahoma will have hard time getting the championship. According to the reports, Bradford had a “sprain of the AC joint.”

Bradford had bright future and has many records broken including his own school record. Now that Sam is out for weeks, it’s really hard to tell how Oklahoma will do for remaining season.
AC Joint usually happens during hard falls to shoulder. Depending how severe can be described by simply mild stretch of ligament to partially tearing.

Normally mild injury can take about 3 weeks to heal while for severe cases,it needs surgery. It is not sure how severe Bradford’s injury but hoping that Bradford will return to the ballgame in no time.


Joshua Bernard Death Photo / AP Photo of a Dying Marine

Lance cpl. Joshua m. Bernard / Joshua Bernard Death Photo / Associated Press / AP Photo of a Dying Marine

AP Photo of a Dying Marine
Joshua Bernard Death Photo
I looked at these pictures with tears flowing on my eyes as the pictures are truly painful to look at, tragedy is felt and I'm aware what war is all about, it is death.

I feel grateful for this young man in sacrificing himself for the love of our country, and my heartfelt thanks to the parents of Lance Cpl. Joshua Bernard for rearing such a brave son. These photos serve as a reminder for us about the reality of war which has been there for so long and with its duration comes the insensitivity. We quickly forget the reality of war and how fast it slipped into our thoughts how these young men and women sacrifice for their lives.

Many Americans opted to conceal the true cost of war but publishing these kind of photos remind us that we can’t turn a blind eye to what’s happening on the other side of the world.

May God Bless our Men and Women in uniform who valiantly serve us proudly.

How to Make Money from Blogging

How to Make Money from Blogging / Blogging for Money

How to Make Money from BloggingI 'm sure lot of people blog because they want to earn money from blogging. If you do, you are not alone because progressively more bloggers find that blogging is one useful money-making medium.

It doesn't matter even if you earn only few extra dollars a week to maintain your coffee habit or adequately earn more enough to stop looking for a part time job to get through college or able to make a full time living out from blogging.

There are too many bloggers out there who are now engaged in blogging for money but the question is, how to make money blogging a successful path in achieving your goal takes time and effort. As we are aware that blogging success doesn't come in a flash, the success would be knocking at your doorstep if you have patience and perseverance.

I created my first blog back in 2008, originally it was just a past time and a hobby to share my ideas and finding some friends online. After the traffic begin to pick up, I got the idea that internet has a huge potential. In the course of experimenting with ads and writing reviews, I made some extra bucks that inspired me to concentrate more on blogging.

Therefore, I started checking out revenue sharing community to learn more details and information on how to make money from blogging. I believe you should check them out too if you are interested in boosting your blogging earnings.


People of Wal Mart blog

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people of wal mart blog
J ust visited the new site "People of Walmart" and indeed the site is hilarious full of funny pictures of people from all walks of life who congregate Walmart on daily basis. Actually, the site has started last month of August but it accumulated huge traffic already from all over the world that caused it server to breakdown due to overwhelming hits.

But personally, hanging around at Walmart could literally lift your spirits up especially when you are down. It doesn't matter how rich you are but I believe everybody has been to Walmart at some point of their lives. We've seen people slapping their kids, crazy outfits there are always something interesting in there that could pique your attention.

Cost of Satellite TV - Best DirectTV deals

Cost of Satellite TV - Best DirectTV deals

A great number of American's living rooms are focused on television and lot of them are likely to feel the void inside if they cant watch TV for a night. Perhaps that's one of the reason why watching TV is among the favorite leisure activity of every Americans.

Long ago, we used to have few channels to choose but with Direct TV making all the waves as technology continue to advance, we are now enjoying hundred of channels to choose from. For one, DirectTV offers more than just entertainment but information as well. Now you can wander around through a large number of informative or educational channels many of which are not seen on cable.

DirecTV provides you practically with immense viewing possibilities from drama to comedy or from science to sports along with an array of children programming. Some people are still under the wrong impression that maintaining and setting up Direct TV are quite expensive but the truth is, directTV is very affordable as they offer low monthly fees with free installation.

Aside from that, DirectTV provides excellent customer service which is essential for every business to succeed. Overall, if you are still using cable provider, I believe its the time to switch to DirectTV now to get advantage of the multitude of HD channels they offer at a very affordable price.

You can visit their site now if you wish to improve your viewing pleasure and learn more about their packages and services.

Maia Campbell Video Pictures

Maia Campbell drugs /Maia Campbell video / Maia Campbell Crack Video /Maia Campbell on drugs

maia campbell crack video
 maia campbell on drugs_mia campbell I feel sorry for Maia Campbell's career, after she is allegedly hooked into meth addiction, her life just crumbles into pieces. You may wonder why her pictures and crack video have surfaced all over the net today, it was because some people have seen her in Venice beach and doing some crazy stuffs that it prompted them to post her pictures on the internet.

Those of you who don't recognize her, she is best known for her role as Tiffany Warren from the hit sitcom " In the House". I believe there must be some reasons why she became like that, its her choice though but she needs somebody who understands and help pull herself up once again.

Here's the Maia Campbell crack video:

Nick Swisher Girlfriend

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Nick Swisher Girlfriend
T he New York Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher has a new girlfriend in the name of Joanna Garcia. She has a budding career as an actress where she played in a number of TV series and movies as well. If her name doesn't ring a bell to you, she is also featured on the CW sitcom "Reba" and the "Privileged".