PDF Conversion Software

PDF Conversion Software
A re you still looking for a PDF software that will help you convert PDF to word docs, Power point, Excel files or whatever applications that need to be printed? Your search is over because this PDF conversion software could really help you in solving your problem in a more faster way because they are ideally designed to assist users with the conversion of PDF files to word or the other way around.

I believe this is the most versatile and user-friendly conversion tool that we ever used as it has the ability to convert huge amount of files from word to PDF format thus it doesn't requires you to have proper training in learning how to use it, all you have to do is to click your mouse and you'll be done in a couple of minutes.

In addition, it also extend support to all PDF file settings while retaining the original form of document after conversion. It is absolutely time saving but it all depends on how the speed of your computer works.

However, one feature that I like about this PDF software is the ability to make batch conversion so you can create batches for multiplex files. Therefore converting text files, power point files, excel files and image files using batch conversions requires no effort at all.

Generally, PDF converter is actually one pliable software that can be purchased or downloaded but a large number of this kind of software has a trial version. So once you've purchased the right PDF converter tool, you can really save time and money.

Recall Airbag Alert: Honda Accord, Civic, Acura, TL

honda recall website-honda airbag recall
H Honda Motor released a public statement to expand their Airbag Recall that started from 2008 to include further extra 440,00 vehicles. This recall is for the faulty airbag inflation systems that are potentially fatal if being deployed.

Cars that are included for additional recall are the 2001 and 2002 Honda Accord models, Honda civic and some of the 2002 and 2003 Honda Acura TLs sedan models.

However, to notify the owner, Honda will be sending out recall notification letter in the next few months but you can check out their recall website www.owners.acura.com/recalls for Acura owners or www.owners.honda.com/recalls.

Cash for Clunkers Qualifying Cars

Cash for clunkers-cash for clunkers government programT here's no truth to the speculative reports about the suspension of the "Cash for Clunkers" because the government program is still up and running all the way through the weekend...at least for now.

According to reports, the program is reaping tremendous success across the nation as more dealership are selling more than 200,000 cars under the Cash for Clunkers program in a matter of one week. Therefore, it prompted the Congress to work on a plan for an additional fund that would increase the budget for a total of $2 billion dollars.

The government CARS program popularly known as "Cash for Clunkers" is a program that gives opportunity to trade-in your old gas guzzling cars or pick up for a new more efficient and environment friendly car. If you qualified, you are entitled to a $4,500 rebate once you purchase for another new car.

So make use of this extension to your advantage, take a look at the list of the qualifying cars for Cash for Clunkers program at cars.gov FAQ section.

Eminem the Warning Lyrics and Video

H ere is the ferocious response of Eminem to Mariah Carey’s Obsessed Song video and everybody knows its coming so take a look at Eminem The Warning Video and Lyrics below.

The Warning Lyrics:
Only reason I dissed you in the first place is because you denied seeing me
Now I’m pissed off
Sit back and relax homey, kick back and relax, grab a six pack while I kick facts
Yeah Dre’s sick track, perfect way to get back
Wanna hear something wick wack?
I got the exact same tat that’s on Nick’s back
I’m obsessed now
Oh gee, is that supposed to be me in the video with the goatee
Wow Mariah, I didn’t expect her to go balls out
B*tch, shut the f*ck up before I put all them phone calls out you made to my house when you was wild n out before Nick
When you was on my d*ck and give you somethin to smile about
How many times you fly to my house? Still trying to count
Better shut your lying mouth if you don’t want Nick finding out
You probably think cuz it’s been so long if i had something on you I would did it by now
On the contrary, Mary Poppins, I’m mixing our studio session down and sending it to mastering to make it loud

Check the complete lyrics here

Jude Law's Baby Mama Revealed: Samantha Burke (Photos)

T he 24 year old aspiring actress model Samantha Burke is being revealed as the mystery mama knocked up by Jude Law subsequently his announcement that he is expecting a fourth child from an ex-lover whom he met in NY while shooting his recent movie "Sherlock Holmes". Burke who is from Florida is expecting a baby girl to be named Sophia and will be due on the 6th of October.

However, Burke's lawyer issued a press release to the public stating the following:
“Ms. Burke can confirm that she did in fact have a relationship with Mr. Law and that she has informed Mr. Law that she is expecting his child later this fall. Since informing Mr. Law of the pregnancy, he has been nothing but responsive and supportive of Ms. Burke and the pregnancy.”

In conclusion, the case of the mystifying Momma has been figured out, no more denials.

samantha burke jude law- Samantha Burke picture


Exercise Pools and Swim Spas for Home

Swim SPA- outdoor Pools
I f you have a back problem or spinal arthritis doing physical exercise in water can actually gives you the feeling of relaxation while some individuals, find it more pleasurable and fun.

Due to the airiness of water, your joint pain can be lessen because it readily removes load and weight off from the joints. At the same time, water aerobics can give you lengthier and regular workouts, thus provide a better outcomes in healing the back injury.

Water aerobics also known as aquatic therapy can actually tone our abs, hip muscles and back, which are all fundamental to a healthy spinal column. The motion characteristic of water opposes the movement and serves likewise to a weight training that creates muscle to become more stronger. Immersing through water can put pressure all around our body while building strength,yet you need to contrast with the pressure while working with your muscle.

For any person who seeks for an inexpensive swim spa from HydroWorx.com is a great option. It is ideal for everybody who wish to own an aquatic exercise spa to give a healthy elasticity to their physical body free from inducing stress on joints or muscles . Being used by a number of Olympic training centers , college programs and professional sports teams for long time, this type of rehab pool is relatively low in price to suit your budget in order that most people who are deserving can get the benefit of relaxation and water therapy they need.

The HydroWorx T-series has an overall pool dimensions of 7'6" wide by 14' long by 5'5" deep. It really has an ample space for advanced fitness or rehabilitation, underwater treadmill, resistance jets and massage included. For more details about the HydroWorx, please go ahead and visit their site to learn further about the details of their products.

Cash for CLunkers Suspended at Midnight

I t's been all over the news that the government $1 billion program commonly known as Cash for Clunkers may go on hold effectively this midnight. The inciting cause that prompted this abrupt change is the depleting funds that run out too quickly.

Dealers and consumers need not to panic as this can go many ways but the sales that have been successfully accomplished will be accepted but what is not known yet is if Congress will grant an extra funding to support the program. Car dealers would definitely sustain the setback in case no supplementary funding will be accorded as they already expended millions of money for advertising, preparation , staffing and training for the 5 day program that is purportedly intended to last till the month of November.

So the question here is being printed off the wall, will the government completely shut down the CARS program or it will pass an alternative bill to make amends with the consumers? Stay tuned for the further update regarding the Cash for clunkers meltdown very soon.

Create an Effective Trade Show Displays

Trade show display
T aking part in a Trade show is one ideal way to promote and market your existing products and services in order to acquire new potential customers. But the challenge here is, what trade show marketing idea is suitable for you and your business.

For sure you are not alone on this dilemma, lot of companies work for a plan and carry out some schemes without proper execution. But in order to get the best return from any trade shows you plan to attend, first off you must learn the trade show marketing, such as putting altogether the trade show booths, exhibits, displays and promotion.

But there is more than just setting up a trade show booth, finding out how to work with banner stands to display product information and services is also a good idea or adding table skirts to the display table is one way to create a great first impression on your customers.

In addition, placing a background drapery sets with Pipe and drape style is one perfect way to divide a room to hold meetings with potential clients.

Since your main intention in participating a trade show is to promote or create publicity with your products and services, plan ahead of your display panel on which information can be displayed to public view. These panels can really set an image to your business if being used properly.


Natalie Smith is Tony Romo's New Girlfriend (Photos)

A fter dumping Jessica Simpson on the day before her 29th birthday, Tony Romo was been caught up with another woman months before they headed to splitsville. The Dallas Cowboy quarterback is enjoying what they call an "emotional affair" with a hot blonde, Natalie Smith while still dating Jessica Simpson according to reports.

The 22 year old Natalie Smith is the daughter of a fellow athlete director at Eastern Illinois University which happened to be Romo's Alma mater and a skinnier, younger version of Jessica.

Poor Jessica, I guess she is so unlucky when it comes to her heart as she cannot hold a relationship for long. Maybe she needs to concentrate more on her career for the meantime as its been while her fans haven't heard her songs raking the airwaves or maybe her movies hitting the box office.

Tony Romo Natalie Smith picture - Tony Romo new girlfriend
natalie smith tony romo

Carry on Luggage Bags and Travel Accessories

T here's no doubt that a lot of people still keep their luggage for more than a decade before ditching them and buy for a new replacement. But good thing that more suitcases are now made of sturdy materials that can endure the rough handling of airlines.

When I was single, I used to travel a lot and I've seen repeatedly what could happen to suitcases that are packed poorly and made of an inferior quality materials. Undoubtedly, they often end up with a strew clothes and stuff all over the baggage carousel or they come down the chute with straps, wheels or handles missing.

So to keep away from stress or a major luggage malfunction, choosing the right luggage can go a long way. Not long time ago, I bought the Hartmann luggage and Tumi Luggage and they never give me disappointment. My hubby loves using the Hartmann garment bag every time he goes for business trip because they are spacious to fill in his travel accessories like toiletries, shoes and suit. Apart from that, his clothing reaches destination almost wrinkle free and ready to go.

Since we are contemplating to get a cruise vacation next summer, perhaps adding a couple of luggages will accommodate our belongings when traveling. I saw these Briggs and Riley luggage collections and I believe these are perfect size traveling bags that could last for years so we can enjoy a more stress-free romantic vacation or getaway.

Lawyer Todd Genger Busted in Child Predator Sting

Todd Genger
W hat a big blow for the Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs as one of their team lawyer, Todd Genger is being charged luring an underage teen with denotative chat on the Internet.

Todd Genger was arrested in an operation implemented by undercover agents to apprehend perverts who make sex solicitation with young girls. But unknowingly, the girl he was chatting with in the chat room is actually an undercover investigator posing as an underage teen. Genger, a Manhattan resident even went to travel all the way to Westchester fulfilling his desire to consummate the cyber-affair.

What a disgrace knowing the fact that Genger, 33 is a married guy with 3 kids of his own. Obviously, being married with 3 beautiful kids plus a high profile career were not enough to make him satisfy so he went online chatting with underage girls that include explicit sexual acts.

Once Todd Genger is convicted, he'll be facing 1 1/3 to 4 years in prison and likely his law license will be revoked.


Charter GiveAway Contest : Laptop a Day Sweepstakes

T he summer month is almost over and going back to school is gearing up for most of the kids next month. Surely, a great number of Moms are actively occupied not just buying pencils and notebooks for their young tots but instead, they are looking as well for some high-tech devices such as desktops, printers, laptops or netbooks to make it through the whole school year.


Certainly lot of moms out there would love the idea of winning a FREE laptop for their kids and just in time for school, Charter is giving moms a break with their Laptop-a-Day Sweepstakes that will run from 15th of July until the 15th of September. Apart from winning a Laptop-a-Day, Charter is giving away free gift cards with a range value of $25 - $100 plus special online deals from major retailers.

Grab this opportunity today and try to register yourself while checking Charter.com/laptop and view the entire rules while learning more about their new promotion that could give you a chance to win a new 15 inch HP 550 Notebook with Windows Vista and a NeoTec Computer Backpack.

It seems like Charter is getting more generous to their avid subscribers, I remember last year they sponsored a contest that brought winners to get some awesome prizes such as Xbox 360, laptops and even the 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid.

If you are interested to keep an updates for this online sweepstakes contest, you should visit Charter on Facebook and follow Charter on Twitter.


Madonna's Arms: Bulging Biceps, Portruding Veins Probably Unhealthy

W hat's up with Madonna's sinewy arms and buff-beyond-belief biceps, granted she is a fitness fanatic but looking at her scary arms riddled with veins indicated the result of her diet and obvious hardcore training. I guess she needs to ditch the weights and grab a sandwich instead as she is training like an athlete.

Its time to quit Madonna and stop setting yourself through a punishing routine same as the professional athletes do, your obsession to discover the fountain of youth seems to yield off-the-wall veiny arms while pushing intense workout too far. What do you think of the Material girl's protruding veins that look so unhealthy?

Madonna's Arm
Madonna- Madonna's arms

The Bachelorette Finale Season 5: Jillian and Ed still together

Bacheloretter finale - Jillian and Ed still together
T he Bachelorette star Jillian Harris has handed out her final rose and she choose Ed Swiderski during the season's finale earlier Monday night.

So it is confirmed that Ed and Jillian are officially a couple when she delightedly accepted his marriage proposal, and immediately the countdown begins for the time before their wedding starts or the breakup.

However, majority or great number of viewers were actually expecting that she will choose Kiptyn but she rejected him as well as Reid who by last minute shook things up.

But as the end result, Ed is the lucky guy who got the Bachelorette girl. So do you expect their relationship will most likely to head into the altar direction or soon we will be surprise learning about their split up shortly after the finale.


WWE Night Of Champions Live Stream

I f you are an avid fan of professional wrestling, you can now watch the WWE Night Of Champions Live Stream and the best place to check is http://www.wrestlingstreams.org and it is actually a pretty good quality stream online and obviously it is legal. Check it out and see for yourself.

WWE Night of Champions Live Stream

Daisy of Love Reunion

T he winner of Daisy of Love is finally revealed, Joshua Lee aka London won the heart of Daisy de la Hoya , the main star of VH1 reality TV show after the finale was shown last night.

Daisy of Love is a reality dating show that featured the star of Daisy de la Hoya who was the second best winner of another reality dating show Rock of Love 2. The show was packed with hormonal guys who like to wear makeup and filled with some insane stunts. Last night the show ended with a finale where Daisy choose one person amongst the final 3 guys - London, Flex and 12 Pack whom she felt more connection.

I just hope that their relationship will last a lifetime but I doubt it knowing the curse surrounding the reality TV shows for couples, never heard any of them being successful.
are daisy and london still together-Daisy of Love reunion
daisy of love-daisy de la hoya


Stephen Murray Crash video

C heck out the dreadful crash video of the professional BMX rider Stephen Murray that happened 2 years ago. He was seriously injured after ramming his bike during the BMX finals of the Panasonic Open. He was rushed to the hospital after the accident and undergone numerous operations as he broke his neck and is now a quadriplegic person.

You can watch the video of the crash below that resulted his arms and legs being paralyzed.

Alexis Cohen, Former American Idol Contestant, dies in Car Accident

R emember Alexis Cohen, she is a former American Idol contestant who was found dead last 25th early Saturday morning in Pennsylvania.

A driver and passenger dialed 911 after they noticed her body by the edge of the road in Seaside Heights early dawn of Saturday morning but officially pronounced dead at 6:30 am after she was hurriedly sent to a medical center close by.

Police determined her death as a homicide after an autopsy revealed an abdominal, chest and head injuries caused by collision with vehicle.

She is best remembered for her RANTINGS after failure to get the yellow ticket, check out the highlight from the video below and see if you remember her:

What is Sherm Stick?

Sherm StickH ave you heard about Sherm Stick being shown in the picture? The definition of Sherm stick is a joint or cigarette that is being sunk in a solution called phencyclidine and thoroughly desiccated.

If you are not familiar as well with the term phencyclidine, it is known as an anesthetic drug, C1 7H2 5N, used as an animal tranquilizer and also widely used in several forms as an illicit hallucinogen.

Alternative name for Sherm stick include happy stick, wet stick, fry stick , sherm, and amp. So you better stay away with this stuff and choose to live life a healthy way.


Free Online Algebra Math Tutor Help

I heard lot of kids having trouble with their academic subjects at school most specifically with Algebra. Whenever your child is experiencing problem at school, their love of learning disappear gradually and getting poor grades, social problems, and even problems at home are likely the results that are impossible to avoid.

Personally, I did go through that kind of situation too when I was in college and what I did was to find a reliable Online Algebra tutor that gives me light at the end of the tunnel. Therefore finding an Algebra tutor was the first step I did to solve my problem. Checking out for Algebra tutoring service is actually one good idea to produce nifty result.

These tutorial services truly provide an important impact that connect the student with a tutor using your computer and get individual attention through one-on-one tutorial at a fraction of what a learning center will cost you. The results in getting Algebra help online will be an increased comprehension level , improved grades and a better all-around attitude toward the learning process. Likewise, you save time and effort in traveling as you can study and learn Algebra from the comfort of your home.

Try solving basic and advanced Algebra concepts everyday through Free Online Algebra Help to get the desired edge in acing the subject. Anyway, another great place to look for Algebra 2 Help can be found when you check it online.

itunes trojan horse small.bog

I cannot leave our house without my iPod or iTunes gadget, but lately I find it alarming why the AVG anti-virus software is detecting iTunes file and identifying it as trojans specifically with the DLL files from iTunes folder. But good thing, AVG is giving a false positive and the issue could be fixed easily by adding an exception in AVG. Just follow these steps below are you are set and ready to open your iTunes once again.

1. Open AVG software -Click Tools > Advanced Settings

2. Go to Resident Shield and Click Exceptions -> Add Path

3. Choosing the iTunes software folder C:\Program Files\iTunes and C:\Program Files\iPod
4. Click on the iTunes folder and select "OK."
5. On the next screen, click "Apply."
6. Then exit the AVG software.

After doing the above steps, turn off the computer for a re-start and open your iTunes.

Bank your Babies Cord Blood for Less

B anking your baby's umbilical cord is one useful way to help a sibling with illness in the future. Though saving their cord blood is a personal decision, it can be used to treat a family member with sickness through a stem cell transplant including sickle cell disease, leukemia, Hodgkin's lymphoma,or thalassemia or some type of anemia and other 75 known diseases.

Whenever a healthy stem cells are transferred into your sibling who is suffering from illness, those cells can actually grow or develop new bone marrow cells to supplant or rather replace the one that is being destroyed by its treatment or by the disease itself.

Understanding cord blood banking
The blood left inside the umbilical cord after birth is known as the cord blood that contains stem cells. These cells are valuable to provide treatment for some known diseases because of their capacity to grow and develop into various type of cells, such as blood cells or brain cells and bone marrow.

However, after the cord has been cut and clamped, the blood is drawn from the umbilical cord. Since most of us are clueless about the usage of umbilical cord, we normally throw it after birth but the blood inside the cord can be banked or saved and feasible for potential use.

There are lot of blood cord banks available in the market today but one that stands out above the rest is Cryo-Cell, a family cord bank leader which is more widely known of its reputable accreditation compare to other privately owned cord blood bank.

Though it could be hard for each family to consider their own personal choices while balancing family budget, Cyro-Cell cooperates effectively to help families easing their financial load by offering an exclusive premium family service.

This service is called "Protect Baby, Protect Mom", once you choose to enroll online you can get a huge discount by using their promotional code:995PS. Thus you can avail the special UCORD pricing of $995 for testing, processing and first year of storage plus the cancellation fee is waived. But you need to act now because this offer expires at midnight 26th of July 2009.

One more thing, you can choose to enroll in the Exclusive C’elle Service or the Signature UCORD Service for one Low price of $1299 and use the Promo code:P2PS.



Jamal Bana Death Photos

Below are the pictures of Jamal Bana, the 20 year old young man who was been missing for months from his Minneapolis home. Last July 11th, a family friend called his parents telling them to check a particular website where it was showing the dead body of Jamal being shot in the head thousand miles away in Somalia.

His family here in US is still dealing with the influencing factor that accompanied his death in the country where his parents bolted, a chaotic country wrecked with violence and turmoil.

His death according to the FBI is partly caused by the sweeping federal investigation into a recruitment effort in the US by Al-Shabaab, a Somali terrorist group connected to Al Qaeda. It was reported that in recent months, more than a dozen young men of Somali descendant have vanished from the Minneapolis where 3 people with the inclusion of Bana, were already terminated in Somalia.

Jamal Bana was taking up Engineering course at the local colleges and the eldest son from the broad of seven. But last fall, an unfortunate event happened to him as he mysteriously vanished without warning.
Jamal Bana photos-jamal bana death pictures
Jamal Bana photos-jamal bana death pictures

Jill and Kevin Heinz youtube Dancing Down the Aisle

Have you seen the Kevin Heinz and Jill Peterson youtube dancing down the aisle video? You must watch it because you will be delighted or maybe carried away to dance as well. It was totally out of this world that one couple would turned their most unforgettable moment into a lavish dance routine entrance that dominated their wedding party.

It was actually fun and something unique that will certainly leave a mark in everyone's memory. However, their wedding took place at the Christ Lutheran Church in St. Paul, Minnesota and their guests were greatly surprised by the performance.

The couple decided to share their happy moments to the whole world by uploading their video in youtube. Check the video below.

James Huberty -1984 Mcdonalds Massacre

McDonald shooting- McDonald Massacre-James Huberty
Its been 25 years had passed after the 1984 James Huberty McDonalds Massacre in San Ysidro, a district of San Diego, California.

His destructive behavior started at 3:40 pm on a fatal day of July 18, 1984 where he carried a long barreled UZI semi-automatic rifle, a handgun and a shotgun that killed 21 and wounded 19 people.

James Huberty, an unemployed security guard and welder started and kept his shooting rampage for 77 minutes inside the McDonalds restaurant until a police sniper ended his carnage with a bullet that went through his heart.

E. Lynn Harris Dead At 54

e lynn harris death-e lynn harris dead-e lynn harris passed away
T he notable author E. Lynn Harris died while on tour with his new released book, Basketball Jones which narrates about the gay lover of an NBA star.

His first book, Invisible life but not until Anchor Books had put into print his book as a trade paperback in year 1994.

The openly gay author has written a total of eleven books with 4 million copies in print. His writings were also published in Washington Post Sunday Magazine, Essence and Sports Illustrated.

Vibram FiveFingers Shoes Recreate the natural sensation of running barefoot

The cool Vibram FiveFingers Shoes is the new product from Vibram which is being designed for people who prefer running barefoot. They are reportedly selling like hot cakes as they seem to look like comfortable and interesting.

Obviously, running barefooted seems to be more effective than running with shoes on, according to most athletes and coaches backed by scientific evidence. Running barefoot can makes you land your forefoot directly which gives you greater balance, more stability, greater propulsion and lesser impact. And that is the purpose of the Vibram FiveFingers which are designed to enhance equilibrium, strength and nimbleness.

This cool designed products can actually help you lower the risk of injuries thus improve your running efficiency as it delivers sensory feedback.

If you are interested in wearing these shoes, it is recommended to consult your doctor first. Also these products are not suitable for people who struggle from severe pronation or supronation.

vibram five fingers-vibram five fingers kso- five fingers shoes


Katie Holmes on So You Think You Can Dance

W hat do you think of Katie Holmes's supposedly big performance on the 100th episode of So You Think You Can Dance earlier? She performed dancing to the song of "Come On Get Happy" as her tribute to Judy Garland and being choreograph by Dion Beebe and Tyce Diorio.

First of all, I was really expecting something different from Katie Holmes that could swept my feet off. Granted she looks fabulous but I didn't like the sound of her wretched voice between lip synching and the dubbing as it sounded so contrived and odd to me.

Aside from that, I was dissatisfied with the choreography, she seemed like she was just walking and strutting on the stage. All she did was to glide her feet, pose here and there, I guess she should focus on her acting career and rearing Suri..

Im sure she could have done it more better than I expected. It's only my opinion, how about you, what do you think of her performance?
katie holmes dancing-katie holmes dance-katie holmes on so you think you can dance<br />

Mark Buehrle Perfect Game No Hitter

mark buehrle perfect game video- mark buehrle no hitter-mark buehrle statsIt was amazing to witness Mark Buehrle pitching for the perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays at U.S. Cellular Field holding a 5-0 lead. But his winning moment could not have been a success without the dramatic catch of Dewayne Wise who sprinted back to the wall and took the home run from Kapler. So Buehrle marked the 18th perfect game in major league history.

Finally, Mark Buehrle is being appreciated and recognized of his worth because of his ability to pitch some fantastic games.

So You Think You Can Dance Breast Cancer Dance youtube Video

A nother sensational performance from "So you Think you can Dance" last night when Ade Obayomi and Melissa Sandvig performed the inspiring contemporary dance that interpreted the struggle of a breast cancer patient. The 3 judges were all in tears touched by such an awesome routine choreographed by Tyce Diorio.

Emotions were overflowing even from the audience who were left in awe watching the beautiful but intense routine dance portraying the message of pain, hope, anger and frustration of a person dealing with cancer.

Either way, check below the breast cancer dance posted from youtube.


College Student Getting Ready for School at Sears

I ts the time of life once again that parents will be sending off their kids to school. How time flies so fast I couldn't help but reminiscing my college days way back ahead when cash wasn't flowing that much.

It was the time when me and my two siblings went to universities simultaneously while both were taking up medical courses. I could felt my parents were totally exhausted financially considering that three of us needed more money for our tuition much less with our daily allowance.

To weigh down their burden, I was balancing my schedule in going to school while holding a part time job at the same time but regardless how you exerted effort on it, it never seemed to be enough. So I guess, it is typical for college students eating meals like Ramen, skimp with their meager allowance or lend some money from their friends.

However good news to our students nowadays, as Sears CampusReady can help them minimize their expenses by providing fabulous deals on accessories and clothing in addition with the apartment and dorm necessities . Apart from that, Sears even introduce the reload-able gift cards if there happen to be requiring some funds, parents can reload it whether online or any of the Kmart or Sears stores nationwide which is very convenient.

If one of your family , relatives and friends are going off to college, it is worthy checking out their nifty Facebook application that Sears has created. Yes! it's called CampusReady on Facebook that makes student life easier , less expensive and campus ready.

The site is loaded with all things that your kids need in preparation for college life. Like giving you ideas on how to design your dorm room, clever advice on how to be prudent and a lot more ingenious stuff, how I wish we experienced these kind of deals when we were young.

At this point, I only have a toddler at home and it will takes couple of years before he will start going to school. But it really doesn't matter whether I have a student or not, I do my shopping at Sears because of their unbeatable prices and last week, I bought some stylish jeans at a fraction of their cost.


Red Sox acquire Adam LaRoche from Pirates

I guess one ground why Boston Red Sox have acquired Adam LaRoche its because he is being recognized publicly as a player who stands out in the 2nd half of the season. I believe LaRoche is one solid player whom you can considered with worthwhile possibility and its a good move for Red Sox to get his service from the Pittsburgh Pirates.

This season, he's batting .247/.329/.441 with 40 RBIs and 12 HRs and a career OPS+ of 113. First baseman LaRoche has dramatically improved his batting performance that averages at least 80 points for the past 3 seasons.

With LaRoche out of the outfield, Garret Jones is expected to be likely taking over for LaRoche at first base.

adam laroche trade-adam laroche traded

Apartment Rental Listings from iPhone App Store

Looking for an apartment with median price is such a hassle but not anymore when using the unique features of your iPhone, just download MyNewPlace App that could provide relevant rental information from your local area or across the US.

Not long ago before we bought our own house, just thinking back the time we were looking for a townhouse/apartment was really exhausted for us. Considering the time and efforts you need to invest when searching for a place that suits your needs and budget.

At least for now, if you are contemplating to move in another place you can get easy access by checking out http://www.mynewplace.com/iphone and you'll find more than 6 million rental homes and apartments available for rent in cities throughout the US.

Its so easy to use, just enter the zip code together with your price reference plus search criteria like how many bedrooms, baths or any amenities and you'll see filtered list of townhouses, apartments, and other properties available for rent. Complete with pictures and information for your reference that keeps you organize in jotting notes which apartment appeals to you the most.

However, you can use GPS feature from your iPhone when looking for apartments in the neighborhood or you can search for city, state and zip code respectively.

Searching for a perfect apartment is still a daunting task for you, go to MyNewPlace in the iPhone app store and download their service for free and let them be your guide to complete the experience.



Singer Billy Joel Dating Soap Star Alex Donnelley

Barely a month after singer Billy Joel separated from his 3rd wife Katie Lee, he is now dating the German actress Alex Donnelley, the 49 years old erstwhile star of "The Young and Restless". Reports said, the pair hit it off instantly after meeting backstage at one of Billy Joel's concerts.

Having mentioned that, Billy Joel is actually traveling with Elton John for a series of US concert tour this summer.

After being married three times, Billy Joel has finally found a new love, somebody who is at his age level. He was married in the 70's to his manager Elizabeth Weber for 9 years then tied the knot with famous model Christie Brinkley and his last marriage to Katie Lee, who was then 23 years old when they married.
Billy Joel and Alex Donneley as a couple- Alex Donneley picture

Popular Action Figures Toys for your Collection

Ride-on toys-Boys toys-toddler toys
S ince the daybreak of time, every kids of the world have been engaged in playful activity playing some form of toys or another.

At young age, they are adept to be seated and take delight whatever things an adult put in front of them. Their creativity in making the most out of anything is incredible, from classic retro toys like wood blocks to composite electronic toys like Robotics and RC Toys.

Toys play an important role in rearing kids so they could simultaneously learn, grow and have fun. Therefore it is essential to be aware on how to pick the right toys that are beneficial to your kids so you will not end up buying toys with less value.

It is unnecessary having a house full of toys to get the benefits out of them, but I believe choosing toys and games in a selective manner can actually enhance their well being. Apart from boosting your kids development, toys can give advantage to develop their awareness. As a result, kids will grow to love learning with educational toys and games in tow.

Thinking back when I was young where me and my other siblings played those classic kids toys in our backyard. Now that we are all grown up, my brother still having fond of collecting those action figurines and heroes and put them to his collections.

However, I still fancy about dolls and dollhouses that I ended up buying them online for my second baby girl in the future. And since we have a toddler at home, buying ride-on toys are great for playing whether indoor or outdoor activity.

Once he'll grow up, it will be the right time to buy him some electronics toys suitable for his age.


Andrea McNulty Files Lawsuit, Claims Ben Roethlisberger Assault

ben roethlisberger assault-ben roethlisberger news-andrea mcnulty photo
T he Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl champ, Ben Roethlisberge was being served by a civil complaint filed by Andrea McNulty accusing him of sexual assault that occurred on July 2008.

But the attorneys of the NFL star claimed the frivolous charges are fictitious as both parties are in illicit sexual relationship at that time and emphasized that it was strictly based on mutual consent.

Andrea McNulty who works at the Harrah's Casino initiated the civil lawsuit asserting that Ben Roethlisberger requested her to come to his hotel room to fix the TV but when she got there, she was forced to perform sex against her will.

Therefore, Roethlisberger is being confronted with various civil charges that include sexual assault, assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress , false imprisonment and false pretenses.

So keep up for the latest updates about this hullabaloo very soon.

Free Pastry Day Starbucks on July 21 - Get your Coupon

starbucks free pastry day
Getting Starbucks coffee before going to work is a normal routine for us, so we are delighted to learn about their clever maneuver promotion of giving away free pastry coupon.

You heard it right, Starbucks the Seattle-based coffee mega-chain is currently disseminating an online coupon that offers a FREE pastry with a purchase of whatever beverage on Tuesday 21st of July, and will ends till 10:30 am.

I find this offer so irresistible, knowing my addiction of sweets but as what they said, calories are cheap gaining lbs are costly. So if you are one coffee lover with a fond for your sweet tooth, check out the store locator page found in Starbucks.com

Rentals Myrtle Beach Resorts South Carolina

Myrtle Beach Accomodations-summer vacation-myrtle beach resort-rentals
A s summer has officially started, lot of people get off the ground to plan their summer vacation getaways with their families and getting a vacation at Myrtle Beach is one experience that you couldn't miss.

Myrtle Beach is considered as one of the top 10 most visited place in the US territory that draws an annual visitors of 14 million where numerous fun activities and great accommodations await you when you visit the place. The Myrtle Beach Hotels are famous with their vast amenities that cater to the whole family. Children have their own designated resort areas while ladies can enjoy the beach service with an active club and party setting.

Experience the luxurious Myrtle Beach Accomodations could offer, with an unending range of actions like frolicking under the sun, shopping, water sports, fishing, water and amusement parks, nightlife and fine dining. I guess, it involves great deal of effort just to picture out a perfect place that gives abundant choices of activities that suit for everybody.

Myrtle Beach being located in the Atlantic Ocean makes the area synonymous with seafood where you can find the freshly caught fish at reasonable prices.

So get your calendar ready and book your Myrtle Beach Accomodation this summer as some hot spots are easily booked up.

Total Solar Eclipse of 2009 July 22

G et ready for the solar eclipse on July 22nd 2009 and witness the amazing obscuration of the light of the sun by the intervention of the moon between it and a point on the earth. The solar eclipse can be viewed from the most densely populated regions like India, Japan, China and some continents from Asia.

 solar eclipse this week-solar eclipse 2009
It is predicted that this phenomenal solar eclipse will be the longest that could last for 6 minutes and 39 seconds.

However, when you try to google when will be the next solar eclipse in the US, it shows that a similar phenomenon could happen until 21st of August 2017. What? 18 years from now, my baby boy will be all grown up then and but at least he has the chance to watch it.


Chris Brown Apologizes for Rihanna Assault Via Video

T he melancholy somber Chris Brown extends his apology to his ex-girlfriend Rihanna six months after the celebrated punching incident that took place between them.

chris brown apology-chris brown apologizes to rihanna
Here's the snip of his statement from the video:
I’m not going to sit here and make any excuses. … What I did was inexcusable. I can only ask and pray that you forgive me. I hope that others can learn from my mistake. I intend to live my life so that I’m truly worthy of the term ‘role model.
Chris Brown said he opted to maintain his silence at the request of his attorneys but said he did apologize to his former girlfriend Rihanna multiple times.

However, Chris Brown reaches out to his fans and viewers by acknowledging his regret and asking pardon for the offense by accepting full responsibility to what he did to Rihanna.

Anyway, below is the apology video publicly posted in Chris Brown's website.

Erin Andrews Video Link, Peephole Video Cache Download

T he Erin Andrews peephole video is still making lots of buzz in the net since the controversial video erupted last week. Seemed like more people are getting familiar with her story while others even searched for Aaron Andrews. And those of you who just gotten this chatter lately, you can check a brief summary here.

They said that the so-called video was already been up online since the month of February but nobody has paid attention until last week. This naked video of Erin Andrews was being taped by some pervert without her consent through a peephole. ESPN attorneys have ordered already for the removal of the uploaded video from the original site yet, it created more controversies and bigger waves from the internet-surfing public.

However, there is a catch that you need to take precaution, since hackers knew that you are looking for an illicit video, the video therefore will be likely loaded with virus. So if you are trying to search the cache of the video from other sites, make sure to be smarter when sticking that mouse.

erin andrews peephole video rapidshare-erin andrews peephole megaupload


BluFrog Energy Drink Contest

BluFrog-Energy Drink-Contest
T he ongoing BluFrog contest is now on its final days, hopefully you were able to join this contest as you might end up winning one of the 5 fabulous prizes below.
1.) Blullapalooza: Win a trip to Lolapalloza in Chicago
2.) BluGamer: The Ultimate Gaming Package
3.) XtremeBLU: Win a trip to the Winter X Games in Aspen
4.) BluStreak: Win a Richard Petty Racing Experience
5.) Happy Blu-Year: Win a New Years Eve trip to NY
However, to join the contest the first thing you need to do is to post some comments on their contest page. Once you are done posting your comment, you can use Tweeter to tweet about the contest and lastly, you can write a blog review concerning the contest. I believe its better that you check their site to learn more about the complete mechanics of the contest.

I love trying my luck on this contest and my curiosity leads me trying to drink the BluFrog energy drink which is absolutely delicious loaded with natural ingredients good for your body. I discovered that Blu Frog is not only good but its actually a healthy energy drink that contains no artificial flavors, no sugar and all natural ingredients.

So how about the taste? Partly because of its natural fruit flavors, Blufrog tastes lighter and refreshing and Im so grateful to the fact that it has no sugar added which means it is ideal to drink when you are on a diet.


Walter Cronkite Died caused by Cerebral Vascular Disease

cerebral vascular disease-walter cronkite-cerebrovascular disease
T he CBS news anchorman, Walter Cronkite was reportedly passed away yesterday at the age of 92 who according to family members had suffered from cerebrovascular disease or cerebral vascular disease.

Known as the "most trusted man" in America, Walter Cronkite was anchoring the CBS Evening News from the year 1962 till 1981 that made him famous as the most powerful journalist in the 20th century.

Cerebrovascular disease is a cluster of brain disfunctions linked to disease of blood vessels that supply the brain. Mostly people who are seniors, smokers, diabetic or have a ischemic heart disease, could suffer from the cerebrovascular disease. The result of having these kind of illness can lead to stroke or hemorrhagic stroke.

Instantly Fix Driver Problems for your Computer

I was randomly browsing the internet to find the latest Mouse drivers for my Bluetooth that wasn't functioning well. And I came to realize that without a proper driver installation, the hardware device will fail to function properly. Therefore it is essential to keep updating the Computer drivers not only the mouse but all the hardware device being installed on your PC.

I guess everybody can relate to the perils involved once you encounter a driver failure with your computer. Rather than calling your tech-savvy relative to help you fix the issue from your computer, learning and fixing the driver problem by yourselves can literally save you time and effort in the future.

That's what I did when I experienced that kind of issue for my PC, I downloaded the Drivers Access software and run a quick scan that helped me solved my problem in a minute. The software is generally designed to completely update the entire hardware and software from your PC to ensure that everything is performing well.

So the last time I had a problem with my USB drivers , the program helped me resolved the issue faster by doing a quick scan at the same time helping me out to locate all the outdated drivers from my PC. Now, looking for some obsolete drivers in my computer is no longer a mission that could takes forever in finding the correct one.


Erin Andrews Peephole Video Hits the Internet

O nce again, the favorite news person and blogger of ESPN Erin Andrews is hitting the headlines for an unauthorized uploaded video on the net displaying her completely unclothed body in her hotel room taken through a peephole.

Lawyers for ESPN readily sent an ominous notification to the site owner NSFWpoa.com to remove the said video and they complied with the request. Last week, Erin Andrews created a big buzz after she got hit by a foul ball in her chin causing baseball fanatics to be concerned that she will be sidelined for a while. But she made a return couple of days after the incident and stated she is fine.
Erin Andrew-Peephole video

Improve your Football Performance with Cleats

football-soccer-soccer cleats- football cleats
I n this present generation, I guess Football is the number one sport being widely admired and followed by million of sport enthusiasts all over the globe. Partly the explanation for this its because football is a fun sport and require little effort to understand the game aside from the fact that the equipment being used is simply one ball.

Taking into account that this sport is being worshiped and watched by millions of fans worldwide, I am not actually a fan of football. But in contrary, my husband loves this sport and expect him to be glued on TV every instance he watches his favorite team.

I remember when he was watching the World Cup with our house full of friends while they were rooting for the Korean team. The room was filled with expectation while I was busy in the kitchen and all of sudden I could hear them uttering in a loud voice with a mix of laughter and yell. I guess, nothing can beat the contagious excitement they feel whenever they are watching the game.

He even plays football with friends once in a while and since football involves a lot of strength and agility, it is indeed a good exercise instead of going to the gym. Not long enough, he did request me to buy him new football cleats and Football Shin Guards for their weekend practice which I readily complied after checking the football Merchandise guide I found online.


Did Fergie get Breast Implants - Black Eyed Peas

I cannot contain myself earlier while watching the show 'So You Think You Can Dance' as Black Eyed Peas with Fergie took the stage singing their new hit song "I gotta feeling". I easily noticed Fergie's bosoms looked extra large, immediately I surmised that she got a chest enhancement. After not seeing her for a while out from the limelight, she is back with an enormous front area but she looks amazing though.

Did Fergie get breast implantsAnyway, there are some arguments whether Fergie (Black Eyed Peas) did a plastic surgery on her face long time ago. I discovered some pictures from the net which indicate she did some.
Check these out and you will be the judge.

Fergie Plastic surgery- Black eyed peasFergie- plastic surgery - Black Eyed Peas

Ivanka Trump, The Donald's daughter, Engaged to wed Jared Kushner

I t's confirmed , Ivanka Trump just announced she got engaged to her boyfriend Jared Kushner as she tweeted the exciting news last night. The pair has been dating since early 2008 and they look lovely as a couple.

Ivana Trump who is famously known as the daughter of the real estate mogul, Donald Trump has appeared on the scene of her dad's TV show "The Apprentice" on several seasons. Ivanka is absolutely no pinhead as she graduated at the Wharton School of Business and from time to time strutted herself to the runway. While his fiance, Jared Kushner is the owner of the New York Observer newspaper and is also engaged in real estate business.

My best wishes to the magnificent couple, I guess they deserved each other!!
Ivanka Trump engaged to wed Jared Kushner


Switching Credit Cards for Lower Interest Rates

Credit Card Rewards - credit card applyY ou might actually believe that a credit card is forever but with the fierce competition in the market today, switching credit cards require little effort in getting better deals compare to your existing cards.

Shifting credit cards has long been a part of our daily life whether you plainly wish to find the best credit cards deal in order to replace the old existing card you've got or you just want to take advantage of the prefatory offers by credit card companies. In my opinion, these advantages or rewards are actually profitable if you know how to choose your new credit card in a wise manner.

So if you feel that it is suitable time for you to change, we're not talking about your diet or your wardrobe here but your credit card provider. Try to check the online card comparison tool which you can find at CompareCards.com and you will be surprised to realize how easy and quick to find a low interest credit card online.

While utilizing their online card comparison tool, you can examine and note the difference of 100 cards and once you have picked the right one, you can easily apply for a credit card where in many instances, automatic approval will be received in a flash.

Overall, you should find credit cards that offer rewards and have a useful function to you.